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Kittsee wins at home 1:0 against USC Wallern

Last Friday, SC Kittsee notched its first win in league play in 2021 with a clean sheet against USC Wallern. The game was quite choppy with eight yellow cards distributed evenly between the sides. Kittsee enjoyed a clear advantage most of the game, with their own goal rarely threatened. Only the fine work of lifetime Wallern defender Simon Steiner at the back kept the game close.

Pavol Bellas wins header
Pavol Bellas jumps to win header against Wallern defender Michael Michlits
Jozef Sombat controls high pass
Jozef Sombat manages a high pass in the face of pressure from Wallern’s Daniel Rehak
Daniel Rehak and Simon Steiner wrestle Jozef Sombat
Wallern midfielder Daniel Rehak and defender Simon Steiner gang up to take the ball away from Kittsee forward Jozef Sombat
Simon Steiner and Jozef Sombat fight for the ball
Wallern defender Simon Steiner played a strong game. Here he manages to take the ball away from Kittsee forward Jozef Sombat.
Juraj Fuska breakaway
Juraj Fuska breaks away down the right wing past Dominik Janisch
Dominik Janisch flying tackle
Dominik Janisch catches Juraj Ruska and tries a flying tackle
Tobias Wiask crosser
Tobias Wisak crosses the ball to Jozef Sombat past Wallner’s Oliver Theiler
Pavol Bellas outleaps Fabian Schrammel
Pavol Bellas outleaps Wallner’s Fabian Schrammel for a high header
SC Kittsee celebrate Wisak goal
SC Kittsee celebrate Tobias Wisak’s goal at 34 minutes. How good it feels to strike first and to lead again. Sebastian Skerlan raises his fist.
Jarolsav Machovec on the move
Jaroslav Machovec carries the ball forward past Simon Steiner
Juraj Fuska midfield run
Juraj Fuska flies past Oliver Theiler at midfield
Christoph Schwarz makes save on Pavol Bellas
Wallner keeper Christoph Schwarz stops Pavol Bellas run and shot
Pavol Bellas shot
Pavol Bellas unleashes a strong shot on Wallner net as defender Simon Stein attempts to catch up with Bellas after Dominik Janisch falls trying to stop him
Jozef Sombat eludes two defenders
Two Wallern defenders try unsuccessfully to get the ball away from Jozef Sombat.
Pavol Bellas leaping header on net
Pavol Bellas sends a leaping header past Wallner’s Michael Michlits
Pavol Bellas high speed run alone
Pavol Bellas controls a high crosser in front of the Wallern net at high speed.
Oscar nominees Jozef Sombat and Simon Steiner
Jozef Sombat and Wallern defender Simon Steiner both appeal the referee for a foul. From photos, both took a dive. Who will win the Oscar?
Oscar goes to Sombat, yellow card to Steiner
Referee Yüksel Akar books Wallern defender Simon Steiner for illegal play when both players took an unnecessary dive. Sometimes you have to be good, sometimes you have to be lucky. Jozef Sombat had been fouled quite a bit so in the end it’s fair.
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