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SC Kittsee loses a scrappy fight to FC Winden am See 3:1

On Saturday 25 September FC Winden am See visited SC Kittsee at home. FC Winden is a middle of the table club with three wins, two ties and four losses. It was a great chance for SC Kittsee to make us some points and get out of the basement.

From their arrival though FC Winden am See seemed to want to the win more than SC Kittsee. Our talented players like Pavol Bellas and Jaroslav Machovec had more chances in the first half than FC Winden. Bad luck struck in injury time with a first goal from FC Winden.

At the break, FC Winden coach Zoltan Fekete gave his team no time to relax in the dressing room but brought them out to the back corner of the field (photo) and delivered a tough speech about not giving up the win now that they had Kittsee down a goal.

And so it was. After a good first half, SC Kittsee was rarely able to bring any sustained pressure on Winden keeper Roman Ostojic. With not too much to divide the teams in terms of play and talent, FC Winden just seemed to want the game more.

FC Winden marked another goal before Kittsee striker Pavol Bellas finally won the penalty he’d been seeking since the start of the match. Bellas knocked home convincingly but a third FC Winden goal knocked the wind out of Kittsee sails definitively. SC Kittsee is missing fiery hometown defenders Patrick Dietmann and Sebastian Skerlan, both for their play on defence and for their good long balls down the wing.

Mario Marko ball control vs Manuel Kientzl
Kittsee’s Mario Marko controls a long pass on the sidelines, while Winden’s Manuel Kientzl tries to push Marko out
Juraj Fuska in front of goal
Juraj Fuska in on goal chased by Michael Speckl in front of keeper Roman Ostojic
Filip Balazi takes down Jaroslav Machovec
Filip Balazi pushes Jaroslav Machovec to the ground while keeper Roman Ostojic tries to recover
Jaroslav Machovec fights off Filip Balazi
Jaroslav Machovec extends to touch dangerous crosser in front FC Winden goal as Filip Balazi tries to wrestle him to the ground and keeper Roman Ostojic tries to recover
Pavol Bellas header
Pavol Bellas drives a hard header at FC Winden goal. Over the top of Markus Pimpel
Realism sweater
Downcast Kittsee fan cheers his team on in a “Realism” sweater.
Manuel Schiszler makes big save
Dangerous chance for FC Winden am See. Manuel Schiszler controls the ball after Markus Pimpel strike
Referee Markus Kouba cards Ibrahim Kamasik
Markus Kouba shows Ibrahim Kamasik a well-earned yellow card after another rough challenge on Kittsee winger Juraj Fuska
Zoltan Fekete half-time meeting
FC Winden am See trainer Zoltan Fekete runs tough half-time meeting with his team
Peter Barinece in midfield
Normally Peter Barinec plays goal but due to injuries and red cards, Barinec enjoyed an outing in midfield
Speedy Juraj Fuska outruns FC Winden am See defenders
Juraj Fuska speeds down the sideline with Markus Pimpel and Julian Paul Kellner
Peter Barinece long pass
Peter Barinec sends a long pass past FC Winden midfielder Filip Turlik
Manuel Kientzl grabs Mario Marko
FC Winden defender Manuel Kientzl tries to grab speedy Mario Marko
Mario Marko hard crosser
Mario Marko gets away fro FC Winden defender Manuel Kientzl tries to deliver hard crosser
Dancing defenders pirouette
FC Windwn am See defenders Julian Paul Kellner and Jonas Lorenschitz dance in front of the SC Kittsee stands
Two trainers
Zoltan Fekete and Erwin Raithofer watch fast action in front of the team benches
Erwin Raihofer considers substitution
SC Kittsee Erwin Raithofer trainer mulls possible substitutions at end of match
Handsome sheepdog enjoys après-match ambience
Post-match socialising: Lilly Buchta pets friend’s handsome sheepdog
Post-match FC Kittsee Stadium
And the party goes on, win or lose
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