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Let the games begin: Austrian local football is back

SC Kittsee and SC Parndorf score seven goals between them in an exciting friendly match, 4:3 in Kittsee’s favour. It’s great to have football and public events back. Everyone was happy to be able to see their friends and neighbours again.

Breakaway by Manuel Frey who dominated SC Parndorf up front with slippery moves
As usual Jozef Sombat’s speed and quickness gave the opposing team’s defense fits.
Jozef Sombat was a constant threat in front of goal, scoring once
Manuel Frey was a revelation on the attack, slipping past defenders many times and scoring.
There’s almost no one who can keep up with Jozef Sombat.
Jozef Sombat enjoyed many breaks down both sides. One quick move, a good kick of the ball ahead and it’s off to the races.
Jozef Sombat leaping high for a header
Manuel Frey outmanoevers Christoph Schneider by Parndorf net
Patrick Dietmann fights his way past Lukas Hoffman
Patrick Dietmann headbutted by SC Parndorf defender Lukas Hoffman. If a normal tackle won’t work, put your head in like a linebacker.
Mario Marko overtakes Julian Gollowitzer
Mario Marko outmanoevers Parndorf defender
Pavol Bellas scores with a header off of a neat Mario Marko cross. Very rarely it is the camera which lets you down. Focus picked the back background instead of Bellas or the ball and the action was quick enough I couldn’t adjust. Frustrating as it was a beautiful goal and I was right there.
Mario Marko zipping down the left side before a big save by Samuel Luntzer
Daniel Klinkhammer survives an assault by Thomas Lamster and company
Lukas Hoffman heads the ball at the Kittsee net manned by Peter Barinec
Pavol Bellas sends another dangerous shot towards Parndorf netkeeper Samuel Luntzer
Pavol Bellas overtakes Lukas Eisenbarth in a race for the bar in front of Kittsee coach Franz Ziniel
Pavol Bellas outruns Lukas Eisenbarth with the ball
Pavol Bellas carries the ball single handedly the length of the field
Pavol Bellas scores from in front Parndorf net after eluding the entire Parndorf defence
Jozef Sombat cross to Pavol Bellas in front of Parndorf net
Early evening sun after an exciting summer exhibition game
Thumbs up from Franz Ziniel after SC Kittsee scores four goals.
Breakaway by Manuel Frey who dominated SC Parndorf up front with slippery moves

The team looks good. Manuel Frey is very solid in the center. Pavol Bellas is a real multi-purpose threat in this league, both as a solid tackling mid-fielder and a dangerous forward. Jozef Sombat runs like a gazelle, while Mario Marko is as quick and slippery as ever. Timing is still off on both teams, defenders were sometimes not picking up their marks. It’s exhibition season after all. It was good to see the game played almost without injury. There were a few dramatic dives, but how could it be otherwise after everyone in Europe has just watched Spain, Italy, France and Portugal play for the last month in Euro 2020. Referee Rene Radl called a solid game, neither encouraging dramatics nor allowing dangerous tackles. Kittsee is very fortunate to have two very solid netminders backing up their defence.

PS. There’s more photos of Kittsee forwards and mid-fielders than defenders due to where I was on the pitch and the limits of a 70-200mm. It’s hard to cover the whole field solo. On that note, while the players need some exhibition games, so do the photographers. The last game I shot was in October 2020. It’s been almost a year without a game.

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