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About is primarily dedicated to writing about and images of dance. With occasional interludes of music, politics and poetry, as life cannot be all dance.

I am was fortunate to live in the most wonderful city on earth – Vienna – and thus La Vie Viennoise is also a small chronicle Viennese existence and culture in my experiences.

I live now in Bratislava, also on the Danube. Bratislava is underrated: the great culture here is underground. Normal life is people talking about jobs and drinking beer, like in Canada. But Bratislava has a better modern dance scene than Vienna now with companies like ElleDanse and Debris Company quietly illuminating the city with exceptional productions.

La Vie Viennoise: is the personal website of Alec Kinnear, Creative Director of Foliovision. When I’m not here, I’m there striving to make the web work for you.

alec kinnear
Foliovision Creative Director Alec Kinnear


Via email – my first name at this website address. Otherwise just drop me a line via the contact form and I will get right back to you.


  1. Kirsten Kirsten

    Good day Alec, I work for an advertising agency in South Africa, and one of my creative found this image on a blog spot. Firstly I wanted to find out whether you took the image of the winter tree and if so, would you be interested in licensing the image to us in South Africa for a poster campaign for one of our clients. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Kirsty

  2. giz giz

    hi alex, i am flying to Vienna tomorrow for the first time and i am really happy for that. When I was googling about where I should go, where the must-seen places are and what I should do, I discovered your website and it’s really great, I started to follow it :) I want to ask you a question about my trip. During my trip can you suggest me some events or different things that I can do in Vienna? For example there was an article which was called “Bodies in Urban Places”. I wish I could see it. If you know any event about fashion, art and let me know I will be so pleased! I will be in Vienna until 27 October.

  3. Hi Giz,

    “Bodies in Urban Places” is not running now, but you can check the latest listings for some dance.

    Also check the Falter Vienna events and MeinHaupstadt if you speak some German.

    I work a lot so I often plan my social/artistic activities when either I just can’t work anymore or find a bit of less busy time. So I don’t usually book my calendar too far forward.

    Have a great time in Vienna! It’s a wonderful city. I just go back from London and I’m glad to be home.

  4. Barry Davis Barry Davis

    Hi Alec, I found a picture online of President George W Bush sitting at a desk while reading MyPetGoat on the morning of 9/11/01. is credited. I’d like to use it in a video I’m making for uploading to youtube. May I have your permission to use it? Thank you, Barry Davis

  5. Helo Alec I just find a video of me hulahooping in Kitsee. Is it possible to send me this video? Its very bad quality when downloaded from vimeo. Its quite good, i would like to use for my website:-) Thank you very much, also for calling us on this event best wishes Dominika

  6. Hi Dominika,

    Glad you could drop by.

    You should be able to download the original from Vimeo. Make sure to choose original.

    Anyone who would like to see Dominik’s amazing fire hoop dance, that link will take you to the post.

    See you soon I hope.

  7. Hi Alec, just to tell you how much I admire your work… and ask you one thing: recently I have read a critique of yours – nearly TEN YEARS AGO about “La Sylphide” (and Manuel and Iryna Tsymbal) and I would like to publish it on my page – I mean, include a link on my page, so my readers will come to your homepage. It is a great reminder of the beginning of what I call “The Legris’ Era”. I will include my Homepage’s link, so you can see what I do! Best regards from Vienna Ricardo

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