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Well-earned win for neighbours UFC Pama

Last weekend SC Kittsee made the short trip down Pamastrasse to face long time rivals UFC Pama. The game started with a bit of rain and fairly even play. As the sun came out, it shined harder on UFC Pama who slowly outplayed SC Kittsee, scoring first at 34′ and knocking a second in at 59′. It was a welcome change to see such a cleanly played game with no attempt by either side to injure players on the other side. The clean play was reflected in the game sheet with no yellow cards.

Our SC Kittsee is still not in form but it was a well-deserved win for UFC Pama on clean play, hard work end to end and will to win. UFC Pama relies on team work rather than any individual star.

What’s afflicting SC Kittsee? Apparently since new coach Erwin Raithofer took over from Franz Ziniel, there’s been quite a few changes in position and formation. None of the position changes have yielded any perceptible benefits so far while the existing set plays don’t work any more (set plays require players to spend time playing next to one another). It would make sense to go back to the classic 4-4-2 formation and mostly the existing positions. Any position changes could be saved for the next break when there will be more time to practice and test them in exhibition games.

UFC Pama were very kind hosts post-game.

SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-172054 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-172613 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-172723 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-173120 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-173411 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-173913 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-174220 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-174227 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-174447 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-180312 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-180450 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-180801 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-180937 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-181051 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-181139 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-181143 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-181256 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-181407 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-181408 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-181421 Fans Still Life Dribbling in Traffic – Mario Marko Pull Him Down UFC Full Press Waltz Flying tackle Coach’s tension Corner Kick Tableau Flying high for the fans SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-183131 Floor work SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-183504 Flying header SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-183706 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-184017 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-184517 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-215709 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-215940 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-220810 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-231429 SC-Kittsee-at-UFC-Pama-2021828-233133
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