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Bitter Tie with Wallern at home

In an exciting game for spectators, USC Wallern literally fought their way to a 2:2 tie with SC Kittsee in a 97 minute slugfest. Wallern have always played dirty. Last year Wallern couldn’t stop Kittsee speedster Michal Slezak so they gave him a concussion instead and knocked him out of the game. The yellow card didn’t matter to them. Gattendorf complain about playing against Wallern as well: they’ve lost players to injury too. Kittsee did well to come out injury free this match.

That’s not to say Wallern’s tactics weren’t effective. Kittsee coach for the evening Markus Roth felt compelled to pull Patrick Dietmann at 2:1 as Dietmann was so angry about being repeatedly fouled. I can’t really blame the referee Arif Erdem: he called many yellow cards and couldn’t have his eyes everywhere. It would take a league season ban on some Wallern players to bring them under control. There’s little video at these games so it’s hard to police deliberate dangeous behaviour meaningfully.

Kittsee jumped out to an early lead which they maintained until 67 minutes. Kittsee fought hard for the go-ahead goal but Wallern was able to hold them off. While it was a pity to lose those two points, the fight in Kittsee’s team until the end was a good augur.

Wallern’s Adam Bombicz scores off the rebound of his own penalty kick
Kittsee’s Sebastian Skerlan all alone on the left wing unleashes a cross to Jozef Sombat who scores.
Kittsee players congratulate Jozef Sombat 10 and Sebastian Skerlan 13 on their neat goal
Wallern’s Daniel Rehak holds Kittsee’s Pavol Bellas
Juraj Fuska throws the ball in in front of a full home crowd in Kittsee
Juraj Fuska footloose and fast down the wing
Pavol Bellas in hand to hand combat with Wallern’s Julian Kampf while referee Arif Erdem and Simon Steiner look on
Another glorious Jozef Sombat run ends in a crossing pass and good save by Christoph Schwarz
Juraj Fuska heads the ball away from the Kittsee net while spectators hold their breath
Mario Marko leaps high to capture a Wallern pass
Kittsee’s Pavol Bellas stops Wallern’s Michael Michlits run on net while Patrick Dietmann, Manuel Schiszler and referee Arif Erdem
Wallern’s Daniel Rehak gives chase to Mario Marko
Mario Marko leaves Wallern’s Daniel Rehak in his dust
Wallern’s Daniel Rehak attempts to ankle tackle Mario Marko
Wallern’s Daniel Rehak regrets missing Mario Marko’s ankles as Marko speeds away
Adam Bombicz gets away without a yellow card after leaving Patrick Dietmann clutching his stomach
Wallern’s Simon Steiner and Kittsee’s Pavol Bellas compete for the ball
Assistant coach Markus Roth in front of the Kittsee bench. Roth stepped in as game coach for Franz Ziniel this evening.
Mario Marko works more magic on the wing
Wallern’s Dominik Janisch attempts to give chase to the fleet Mario Marko
Mario Marko runs past spectators and a winded Dominik Janisch
Jozef Sombat flies by Simon Steiner like the wind
Kittsee’s Patrick Dietmann takes a yellow card for talking too much after some rough play against him
Wallern misses a good opportunity in front of Kittsee goal as Kittsee keeper Manuel Schiszler follows action.
Fierce Pavol Bellas breaks free down the wing again.
Wallern’s Daniel Rehak earns a well-deserved yellow card after much rough play as instigator Adam Bombicz loudly complains to referee Arif Erdem. Patrick Dietmann throws himself into the discussion as Ladislav Krizant attempts to keep the already carded Dietmann out of the discussion to avoid an automatic red. Markus Roth then felt forced to pull Dietmann from the game, leaving Kittsee vulnerable on his side and leading to a Wallern goal.
Keeper Manuel Schiszler flies through the air but alas too late
Wallern bogeyman Adam Bombicz scores on a thumping shot from in front of net as Ladislav Krizan, Mario Marko, Sebastian Skerlan and keeper Manuel Schiszler look on helplessly
Mario Marko leads the Kittsee defence on the attack with Sebastian Skerlan at his flank
Jozef Sombat loose on the wing as Markus Roth looks on.
Wallern’s Michael Michlits attempts to hold Pavol Bellas
Pavole Bellas breaks free of Michlits hold
Michlits is left sitting on the ground as Pavol Bellas breaks clean of his hold
Jozef Sombat slips past Wallern’s Simon Steiner on the wing
Jaroslav Machovec’s free kick slams into the Wallern wall
Kittsee’s Pavol Bellas holds out a right stiff arm to slow down an incoming Simon Steiner
Kittsee’s Juraj Fuska fights for a late shot on goal
Final free for all in front of the Wallern net. Kittsee had a chance to come away with a win right to the end and fought for it.
More play acting from Wallern to kill time and escape with a tie, this time from keeper Christoph Schwarz. Referee Arif Erdem looks on sceptically. What ails you man?
Wallern’s Adam Bombicz finally earns the yellow card he so richly deserved but very late in the game at 96 minutes.
Aprs-match: SC Kittsee captain Michael Wernecker with friend
Aprs-match: gallant gentleman offers drinks to lady fans
Aprs-match: happy friends post-match. No way a tie will spoil their party.
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