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Anthropogenic Climate Change Denial: Lobbyists and Libertarians

At Moon of Alabama, B unleashed the gates of hell in a recent post taking on climate change: Trump Administration Acknowledges Climate Change – Predicts Large Rise In Global Temperatures. His essay was fairly innocuous musings on humankind’s carbon footprint.

Strangely the start of the comment section looked like an attack of the Catholic church on heretics in sixteenth century Spain. Most of these writers made claims that since we weren’t all dead yet, all talk of carbon footprint or climate change or anthropogenic damage to the ecosphere are nonsense. For instance hopehelly @46 wrote:

I remember when they said acid rain will kill all forests. And the ozone holes will make us all sunburned and riddled with skin cancer. They do not talk much about acid rain and ozone holes nowadays – are those issues fixed?

A few comments later @72, the commenter oldhippie noted skin cancer is way, way up. When we were children (I’m in early fifties) it was still relatively safe to play in the sun for hours even without sunscreen. These days we keep our children out of the sun almost completely and slather sunscreen on the few exposed parts.

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How to Annihilate Propaganda Trolls: Exhibit A

Any student of history or even prolific reader who spends any time out on the web these days runs into endless posts by either the ignorant or malicious making nonsense claims or denials about various unsavory US actions or incredible propaganda.

Here’s one such post by someone with the moniker falconflight, both denying and justifying the use of white phosphorus by the US military at the same time.

I have no proof either way from the US Gov’t and certainly not from the Syrian/Russian/Iranian side. I don’t know that it is BS. BTW, phosphorous use is NOT illegal, except in explicitly outlined limitations, such as high concentration of civilian populations.


Should Russia abet Syria and Iran in the acquisition of nuclear weapons?

There’s been another white phosphorus attack by the United States or allies in Syria, yesterday, on the town of Hajin. This was closely preceded by John Bolton’s announcement that the USA and its armed forces are immune to international law. An interesting co-incidence. Alas, it’s not the first or only US deployment of the illegal white phosphorus munition in Syria.

Given the lack of American respect for the rule of law, Thom Paine asks why Russia has not aided and abbeted Syria and/or Iran in the acquisition of nuclear weapons.

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The Trouble with Comments (on alternative media)

If you are short of time, just skip to the Six Battle-tested Rules to Help Publishers Nurture an Intelligent Comments Section.

I’ve been participating very actively in political conversations on various alternative sites for the last six months and recently over at I’ve also been involved in a very involved internal comments-or-not debate for a high profile and widely read international political site recently. Professionally at Foliovision, we develop what is the most powerful freestanding (software, not a service) comment moderation software, Thoughtful Comments1. Commenting has been on my mind would be an understatement.

MoonOfAlabama is not the only anti-Empire alternative media site who suffers from comment issues. Here’s a short list of some sites with whose comment sections I’m very familiar.

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