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Rough defeat at the hands of FC Andau

A tough defeat, 6-2 at home. FC Andau are not particularly talented but willing to do anything to win, as the photos will show. Tripping, holding, body checking, etc. Last time we played FC Andau in Andau, star Michal Slezak left with a concussion so this defeat is quite bitter. The issue appears to be on defense where SC Kittsee with Patrick Dietmann out were unable to stop Andau’s Patrik Sabo.

Bellas blocks free kick
Pavol Bellas tries to block Andau keeper Juraj Haduch’s free kick
Bellas tests Andau defence
Pavol Bellas tests Andau defences
Hard shot on goal from Pavol Bellas
Pavol Bellas hard shot on goal surrounded by Andau defenders
Bellas heads a goal
Pavol Bellas heads the ball into the Andau net
Sombat and Bastian congratulate Bellas
Jozef Sombat and Thomas Bastian congratulate Pavol Bellas on goal off Sombat assist
Patrik Sabo puts Andau ahead 2-1
Andau takes a 2-1 lead again off Patrik Sabo’s boot
Wisak pushes past Csigo
Kittsee’s Tobias Wisak pushes past Andau’s Manuel Csigo
Andau coach Christian Bauer
FC Andau coach Christian Bauer shouts from sidelines
Yellow card for Andau’s Marek Sabo
Referee Dursun Tosun deals Andau’s Marek Sabo a yellow card
Bastian and Skerlan press Andau
Kittsee’s Thomas Bastian and Sebastian Skerlan move in to keep the ball in Andau’s end
Lukas Wally trips Kittsee’s Sombat
Andau’s young Lukas Wally strategically trips Jozef Sombat
No yellow card for tripping Sombat
Shameless Lukas Wally gets away without a yellow card to the shock of Kittsee coach Erwin Raithofer and captain Thomas Bastian
Sabo holds Mario Marko
Andau’s Marek Sabo’s follows up on tripping with a hard arm pull on Kittsee’s Mario Marko
Lukas Cambal holds Jozef Sombat
Andau’s Lukas Cambal gets into the action with a sneaky arm pull on Jozef Sombat
Soccer is a family event in Kittsee
A beautiful Kittsee mother with her lovely daughter
Cambal puts Andau two goals ahead
After the half a quick goal by Lukas Cambal puts Andau out two goals in front
A good crowd for FC Andau at SC Kittsee
Many Andau fans made the trek up to Kittsee for the game. A good crowd for the match.
Pavol Bellas duels with Manuel Schopf
Pavol Bellas roars down the sidelines past past veteran Andau pirate Manuel Schopf
Jürgen Csida trips Jozef Sombat
Andau’s Jürgen Csida deliberately trips Jozef Sombat
Lahi holds Sombat with an arm lock
Angelo Lahi holds Sombat and tries a judo throw
Angelo Lauhi delivers Sombat a bodycheck
In case tripping was not enough to stop Sombat, Andau’s Angelo Lahi is there with a bodycheck
Lahi holds Sombat
Jozef Sombat tied up by FC Andau’s Angelo Lahi
Sombat mugging earns Kittsee a free kick
Referee Dursun Tosun awards a free kick for the Sombat mugging missing handing out two yellow cards. Thomas Bastian, Pavol Bellas and Jozef Rejdovian line up for a trick kick.
After kick hits wall Sombat hammers the loose ball home
Kick slams into the wall but bounces past loose. Jozef Sombat is waiting to blast the loose ball into the Andau net
Sombat’s goal lits the net
Jozef Sombat’s kick thwacks into the back of the net while Andau keeper Hajduch rolls helplessly, thoroughly beaten
Bellas driving to the net
Pavol Bellas on the move to even the score at three
Bellas channels his inner Neymar
Strangely instead of pushing past the Andau defenders Sabo and Lahi Bellas channels his inner Neymar instead.
Bellas making what looks like a dive
Pavol Bellas flings himself into the air and screams in pain with minimal visible provocation this time
Sombat bursting down the wing
Jozef Sombat tears down the wing to try to even the score with Lukas Wally in pursuit
Sombat leaves Andau defenders on the ground
Sombat leaves Lukas Wally on the ground and Manuel Csigo chasing him
Sombat takes on Csida
Now it’s Jürgen Csida’s turn to try to stop Sombat
Lukas Cambal scores twice in two minutes
Lukas Cambal scores a second time in two minutes to break the game open for Andau 5:2 on his way to a four goal night
Mario Marko crosser
Mario Marko releases a nice crosser for Jozef Sombat
Sombat just misses Marko’s crosser
Marko’s crosser is just past the boot of Jozef Sombat
Sebastian Skerlan takes down Marek Sabo
Sebastian Skerlan takes some revenge for Andau’s dirty play, fighting fire with fire. Coach Raithofer intelligently decides to swap Skerlan out before a second yellow equals red.
Kittsee keeper Schiszler punches away a high shot
Manuel Schiszler clears another dangerous Andau shot. Action in the Kittsee end was hot and heavy for the last twenty five minutes.
The Discothek Infinity guy
For some reason, this gentleman desperately wants the world to know about Discothek Infinity with Futti.
Jozef Sombat splits two Andau defenders
An out of position Marek Sabo signals for an offside but a Sombat goal would have counted, as he splits the Andau defenders perfectly.
Andaui keeper Juraj Hajduch just manages to keep Sombat’s shot out of the net.
Jozef Sombat almost scores with a well-placed ball, but Andaui keeper Juraj Hajduch just manages to keep Sombat’s shot out of the net. Even with a goal it would be a steep hill back into this game at this point.
Patrik Sabo having a field day in front of the Kittsee net
Patrik Sabo having a field day in front of the Kittsee net as Manuel Martinsich attempts to take the ball away from Sabo
6-2 victory for Andau.
6-2 victory for Andau. How sweet for them, however controversial their tactics.
Guest victory wave at Sportzplatz Kittsee
Another week, another guest victory wave at Sportzplatz Kittsee
Many Andau fans made the long trip up to Kittsee
Andau is a long way away but some fans made the trip and were well rewarded for their voyage.
Harvest moon over SC Kittsee Stadium
Harvest moon over SC Kittsee Stadium. Not a festive evening for Kittsee fans, summer night or not.
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