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ASV Siegendorf shows SC Kittsee life in the Burgenlandliga

Last year before the November 2020 Covid-19 regional football lockdown shut down the fall season, SC Kittsee was well on its way to winning the Herbstmaisterschaft and potentially finishing first or second for the season. One of the consequences of winning the II Liga Nord Championship is an almost obligatory step-up to Burgenlandliga. That means more travel to farther away places.

Tthe question of how SC Kittsee would fare in Burgenlandliga has been the subject of lively debate. SC Kittsee has been a good team with for the last few years and has many very talented players. The previous SC Kittsee team president Walter Rinaldo was persusaded that with our current players and perhaps one or two additions, SC Kittsee could compete well in Burgenlandliga. There’s been much talk among the football cognoscenti in Kittsee if Herr Rinaldo was right or not.

The visit of ASV Siegendorf for a real game, not an exhibition, chasing the Austrian Cup (it’s a round-robin tournament where the clubs who keep winning advance further) settled the question once and for all. The final tally was 6-0 against SC Kittsee and it could have been much higher. Kittsee keeper Peter Barinec played made many, many saves and kept his composure until the end. Most of the evening ASV Siegendorf stars ran circles around last year’s II Liga Nord standings leader.

The consequences of moving up to Burgenlandliga were clear. The team would have to be rebuilt almost from scratch, with most of the survivors from the existing team relegated to the bench. About three or four of our current players could crack the starting lineup of ASV Siegendorf.

It doesn’t matter. General consensus is that Pamhagen and Andau and Tadten and Apetlon are quite far enough and that we don’t want to drive 1.5 hours to away games. We also like our current players and like playing against our neighbours in Pama, Gattendorf and Deutsch Jahrndorf.

On to the photos from the challenging match against ASV Siegendorf. There will be no Kittsee goals, with most of the action was in our own end.

Alois Höller shoots
Siegendorf’s Alois Höller shoots on Kittsee net after eluding Daniel Klinkhammer
Alois Höller scores
Siegendorf’s Alois Höller shot rips high right by an extended Peter Barinec into the net
Alois Höller celebration
Siegendorf’s Alois Höller celebrates while SC Kittsee defenders wonder struggle to regroup against Siegendorf’s speed and ball-handling ability
Siegendorf keeper Robert Gregull nimbly catches ball
Siegendorf keeper Robert Gregull nimbly catches Tobias Wisak’s attempt on goal
Stanic goal
Siegendorf’s Ivan Kovacec stares as Christian Stanic’s shot slams into the back of the Kittsee net
Christian Stanic celebration
Siegendorf’s Christian Stanic accepts celebratory claps on the back from teammates
Ivan Kovacec breakaway
Siegendorf’s Ivan Kovacec in alone against Peter Barinece again as Kittsee’s Juraj Fuska and Daniel Klinkhammer try to catch up with Kovacec
Juraj Fuska defends Kovacec
Kittsee’s Juraj Fuska defends Ivan Kovacec, preventing a clear shot
Florian Kovacs defending Bastian Lehner
Kittsee’s Florian Kovacs works to keep the ball away from Siegendorf’s Bastian Lehner
Christian Stanic crosser
Siegendorf’s Christian Stanic with a high leap outreaches Kittsee’s Juraj Fuska and sends a crosser into the box
Juraj Fuska blocks Kovacec
Kittsee’s Juraj Fuska blocks Ivan Kovacec, while keeper Peter Barinec focuses on the ball
Keeper Barinec snatches the ball from Kovacec
Keeper Peter Barinec snatches the ball before ASV Siegendorf forward Ivan Kovacec can get to it
Secco shoots Barinec saves
ASV Siegendorf middle fielder Lukas Secco takes a hard shot from the side, but Kittsee keeper Peter Barinec has the angle
Kovacec corner
Ivan Kovacec takes one of many corners for ASV Siegendorf while linesman Goran Stevic watches
Jaroslav Machovec header
Kittsee defender Jaroslav Machovec goes up high to keep the corner away from Siegendorf’s Thomas Bartholomay
Thomas Bartholomay header
Siegendorf defender Thomas Bartholomay heads away a rare Kittsee attack in front of Tobias Wisak while Jaroslav Machovec recovers from a fall
Lucas Secco splits Kittsee defence
Siegendorf’s Lukas Secco splits the Kittse defence, Jaroslav Machovec and Sebastian Skerlan
Kovacec waits for whistle
Ivan Kovacec waits for whistle to kick a corner for ASV Siegendorf while linesman Goran Stevic watches
Stanic in front of net
Christian Stanic kicks the ball up high in front of the Kittsee net off of Ivan Kovacec’s corner
Barinec saves Stanic shot
Kittsee keeper Peter Barinec grabs Christian Stanic’s shot out of the air while both defenders and attackers look on
Half time
SC Kittsee stands at half time
Buliga carries the ball
Siegendorf forward Simon Buliga carries the ball through the Kittsee middle field
Buliga runs past Marko
Siegendorf forward Simon Buliga runs past Mario Marko with the ball on long carry while Thomas Bastian sprints back
Secco shoots on goal
Siegendorf middlefielder Lukas Secco gets another chance on goal sprinting past Thomas Bastian, Mario Marko and Sebastian Skerlan but Peter Barinec is ready in net
Buliga and Machovec compete for a header
Kittsee’s Jaroslav Machovec and Siegendorf’s Simon Buliga compete for a header
Barinec saves off header
Peter Barinec prepares to make the save off of a Siegendorf header
Bellas attempts attack
Kittsee’s Pavol Bellas attempts to mount an attack with fleet footed Jozef Sombat on the wing but Siegendorf’s Thomas Bartholomay shadows Bellas
Buliga vs Skerlan
Simon Buliga faces off against Kittsee’s Sebastian Skerlan. Tin Zecco positions himself for a pass as SC Kittsee fans look on from the tribunal.
Bastian grabs Secco
Thomas Bastian holds Lukas Secco in a tight arm grip
Secco roars up sideline
Lukas Secco breaks free of Thomas Bastian and roars up sideline
Barinec controls ball
Kittsee keeper Peter Barinec controls Secco’s shot on goal
Christian Stanic breakaway
Siegendorf forward Christian Stanic breaks away again with Marcel Wölfer and Ivan Kovacec at his side
Barinec runs down crosser
Kittsee keeper Peter Barinec runs down Buliga crosser with Florian Frithum in pursuit
Post-game congratulations
Post game congratulations. This was a clear victory for ASV Siegendorf.
Raithofer and Roth head to dressing room
Kittsee trainer Markus Roth and coach Erwin Raithofer head to the dressing room with Juraj Fuska. No shame in losing to a team as imposing as ASV Siegendorf.

The party must go on. Post-game festivities were cheerful but subdued, except for Martin’s birthday celebration with friends.

Martin 37th Birthday
Martin’s 37th Birthday Party, Michael Hauswirth, Lenka and friends, Wanda Hoffstädterova and
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