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New ‘improved’ vaccines coming

Apparently Astra-Zeneca and Johnson and Johnson are working on a new ‘safer’ version of their Covid-19 vaccines which will reduce side effects. Most of us, including Stranger in a Strange Land, had heard the vaccines were already safe:

I don’t understand? Why would they need to work on modifications to reduce deadly side-effects? That makes no sense, because they told me it was completely safe and effective. Were they lying then, or lying now?

More amusing is the conversation the rats are holding among themselves:

Overhead in lab –

Rat 1: “Hey, have you gotten your Covid jab yet?”

Rat 2: “Nah, I’m waitin til the human trials are over”

It’s a rare treatment which is tested on humans first. Well there were animal tests, but some doctors allege many animals including cats and ferrets died. Others (ex-House of Lords, ex-BBC bofffins) say nonsense. Either way, the rats probably have the right idea, waiting this one out. My suggestion to prepare for Covid-19:

  1. do lots of exercise
  2. eat healthily
  3. take your vitamins, an everyday vitamin plus vitamin D and zinc supplement in winter.
  4. in conjunction with points one and two you should lose some extra kilos through the extra exercise
  5. sleep properly and thoroughly so that when you are exposed to the virus there’s a chance that it won’t catch hold at all and that if it does, your body is well-rested and can stave it off quickly

The above steps will help. What will not help is over-eating, being stressed, not sleeping properly, eating poorly – that combination seems plus Covid-19 seems quite deadly. People of colour apparently are suffering more from Covid-19 than many white social groups. From reports, it’s due to diet and lifestyle rather than any genetic difference. So the above rules apply to people of all ages, shapes, sizes and colours. The best way not to get sick is to live healthily

That’s not to say go out and run a triathlon or marathon. Marathon runners, competitive cyclists and especially triathletes put absurd amounts of stress on their body. The original marathon runner dropped dead after delivering his message. Modern runners and triathletes drop dead in their late thirties and early forties very often. Moderate, reasonable exercise which leaves you feeling energised is what is recommended. Not exhausting your physique with a starvation diet and high speed distance training.

Painting - The Death of Ladas, The Greek Runner, Who Died When Receiving The Crown Of Victory In The Temple Of Olympia. George Murray, 1899.
The Death of Ladas, The Greek Runner, Who Died When Receiving The Crown Of Victory In The Temple Of Olympia. George Murray, 1899.

We’ll know a lot more about these vaccines one year after they’ve been in wide use and after a winter (flu season, Covid-19 resurgence). By that time, if all has gone well, ‘new’ and ‘improved’ versions will be ready for us.

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