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Chinaphobia: CCP Uses ByteDance-Owned App TouTiao To Spread Propaganda

Chinaphobia, all day, every day. Now it’s some app (not TikTok itself mind you) which has algorithms to affect what videos users see which will destroy the world as we know it. As far as I know both YouTube and Facebook showed me selected videos chosen on a personal algorithm every day (well I’m not on Facebook anything like every day, but YouTube yes). Oh and the stories and videos in my Twitter feed this morning certainly seem to be the product of both AI and censorship at the same time. The app in question is called TouTiao, the header image for this post is a photo of TouTiao girl Fan An Ni. Fan An Ni and the app which brings her pretty face to millions hardly seems like a mortal threat to Western Capitalism.

Pot calling the kettle black doesn’t start to describe this nonsense. Justin Case correctly points out that the US could have been investing in its infrastructure and its industry instead of blowing up other people’s infrastructure and countries, at great expense to itself:

US regime has got Chinese phobia. The war mongering nation is losing it’s status as a leading global economy and has become a leading global debtor nation. The country is falling to anarchy, and China is their concern? It’s too late to turn back the hands of time. All those wars cost money and lives. You borrowed money for non productive purposes. The USD is losing value on world markets, which is confirmed by the price of gold and silver.

All empires end the same way, bankrupt.

Case outlines what appears the blame shifting, symptomatic at an individual level with psychotics, taking place at a national level:


Whenever a nation starts fighting with other countries, it is always done from a position of weakness. US debt has been running out of hand for a long time. Federal, state, corporate, personal, mortgage, auto, student etc, etc, they are all escalating exponentially. On top of that the US budget deficit will be in the trillions for the foreseeable future and the trade deficit was $600 billion in 2017.

The whole world is living above its means but the US is the worst culprit. So what is the US doing about it. Well there is no question of adjusting your spending in line with your expenses. That would be much too simplistic. Instead you blame the whole world that it is their fault and that they must be punished. And this is exactly what Trump is doing now. It is China’s and everybody else’s fault that a major part of US manufacturing has moved to low cost countries. And it is these countries’ fault that the US is living above its means and borrowing and spending more that it earns. Therefore these nasty countries must be punished. And that is the reason the US has started a trade war. Trade wars are almost without exception a desperate measure taken by an ailing economy. A trade war, especially between the two biggest nations in the world will indisputably lead to a downturn in world trade and therefore also a major global economic downturn.

There’s a question I pose myself often: if had to chose to whom would I trust my personal data, would I prefer that China or the NSA had unlimited access to my personal data. Five Black Eyes Intel Agency puts a libertarian spin on it :

All apps have privacy issues.

Lets not pretend the NSA backdoored apps are any better.

Whats important is us end users to have CHOICE in selecting WHO we risk our data with. I’d rather not have the NSA and CIA have my data because they are a much greater threat to my liberty than China.

N2M give us a small history lesson on the corporate undermining of security protocols in the USA, at a systemic level by Microsoft and Cisco:

Microsoft gave in to NSA and gave them their VPN Tunneling encryption key of protocol (SSTP) and then you have OpenVPN – meanwhile MS holes in their OS is outstanding for anything that goes – What do you think telemetry is? This game is so pathetic when I hear people who seem to think that only other nations are spying on Americans are evil, but D.C is so benevolent, makes me lough at stupidity and arrogance.

Every data, every keystroke you make especially on smart phones is recorded, ask Google about it, Amazon etc. and don’t give this Constitution rights, please that is a joke.

So this hypocrisy is ridiculous, what is happening is competition and CISCO (one of them) is getting their asses whipped so are other U.S brands. This is about protecting a market turf and competition, plus other political moves.

KJWqonfo7 observation is both brilliant and succinct:

When asked about the algorithm Mark Zuck’s response was “amateurs”.

Another commenter feigns outrage about Chinese friendship groups.

In a recent report published by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment, the CCP was said to have co-opted European political and business elites using “friendship groups”. These “friendship groups” seem to assist in educational and cultural exchanges between Europe and China, but they are in fact the mouthpieces and intermediaries that CCP proxies use to help with the CCP’s united front to divide Europe.

My own reply:

Imagine: the Chinese want to trade with Europe and spend billions of tourist dollars there. Europe agrees to trade and tourism. Outrageous!

No way, we must the world safe again under US leadership: Cancel Friendship and make Wars!

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