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Armada to Sail Against China

Apparently an armada has been formed by the United States with the UK, the Netherlands and Germany all joining in to send their carriers and/or best warships to the South China Sea together.

What is with these American warmongers? Never saw a situation which didn’t call for war. Fortunately I’m not the only one thinking along these lines:

Seriously, for doing what? I live in Europe, so this may be me being an outsider, but please tell me what China has done, which hasn’t been done by the US by magnitudes worse?

China never dropped ‘the’ bomb on civilian populations, they haven’t been on perpetual warfare against nations which never attacked them, they haven’t had a war with anyone except their closest neighbors, they haven’t been living above their means at the expense of others (to the contrary rather), they don’t have tomahawk programs deployed all over the globe, they don’t have full spectrum dominance, they don’t provide support to islamists to fight proxy wars, they don’t scare countries across the globe into submission with the threat of invasion like the US does with Iran, and on and on…

Who brainwashed all these Americans into thinking China is the bad guy? It is beyond me, how people can rationalize facing an actually serious economic competition into turning reality upside down.

And of course I”m a chinese agent, as is stated under every comment that isn’t to a minimum degree blinded by maga coolaid. Whatever you need for your delusions to make sense.

Both of us have been accused of being “Chicom trolls” by the hum-bots in the basements of Langley or MI6 for our dissenting view. Or what’s worse, those infected by the pro-war propaganda. I once wrote a poem about what a German might feel in the 1930’s watch the buildup to war. It’s up to all of us to put these warmongers in their place immediately. The main criteria for choosing a politician for whom to vote is that politician’s stand on provoking war with China and Russia. War never benefits the people in whose name it is fought.

I’ve just re-read War and Peace in Russian. It’s astonishing the hubris of Napoleon, as he built his Grande Armée, bankrupted France, broke his own continental system, to put one of his allies in his place after an insignificant diplomatic incident with a Russian ambassador Kuragin and some sparring over Prussian territories. Napoleon threw away an empire, chasing “one more thing”. I’m sure just like the Afghanis, the Russian must be tiring of Russia being the target of empires before their fall.

In any case, no more than Napoleon’s allies, Austria and Italy and Prussia, in the 1812 Invasion of Russia, do the citizens of European countries have any desire to go to war. Sure, there are the always rabid Poles, seeking the place in the world history and their inherent poor judgement has denied them. But the collective will of Europe does not want war with Russia. The United States will largely be on their own. I imagine the situation is not far different in Asia in regard to China.

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