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Is the COVID-19 Pandemic real or not?

Outside of the mainstream press in North America, there’s considerable confusion among scientists about what threat to life Coronavirus-COVID-19-SARS-CoV-2 and even whether it can be caught twice. While most of the world has shut down movement and, by extension, their economy, some countries have declined to take active measures such as Iceland, Sweden and Belorussia. While Belorus president Lukashenko has been the butt of many a joke for decades and is unlikely to be considered for any science prizes, Sweden is home to the Nobel prize. Austria is opening up again now.

Is the Coronavirus Shutdown and Frenzy a Psyop?

On another very, very long comment thread on, I found these comments the most thought-provoking. information_agent insists that the COVID-19 crisis is in a category with previous known US false flags and psyops:

In a few years people will be looking back on the “overflowing morgues and crematoriums” with the same type of disdain they do now regarding babies being thrown out of incubators, aluminum tubes for mobile biological weapons labs, and anything and everything from the official story of 9/11. For now though, hysteria appears to be ruling the day.

He is disturbed at how the rollout of extraordinary measures mirrors pre-existing crisis plans:

I will say it’s a no more of a nothingburger than a normal flu and pneumonia season and that it’s highly likely there may have been a component of bio-warfare with respect to Iran and possibly China. Otherwise however, what we’re living through is almost a textbook reproduction of what Event 201, Dark Winter, Crimson Contagion, and WHO knows how many other “pandemic simulations” (or were they plandemic planning seminars?) war gamed in the decades preceding this situation.

I would say that the theft of trillions of dollars and the now unavoidable depression we’ll soon find ourselves in represent a greater threat to the health and safety of people everywhere then does the hyped-up threat being trumpeted around by a now-corrupted WHO reliant upon corporate contributions for its ongoing operations.

The horse is out already so shutting the barn doors isn’t going to do much good, but the sky-is-falling panic to which so many have succumbed through this episode will not be looked back upon favorably.

In fairness to the organisations which created these simulations, simulations were made to create a gameplan for such an event when it really happened. So of course, governments are reacting according to gameplan. That said, there seems to be considerable confusion about classifying dead. In Italy, anyone who dies in a hospital where there are COVID-19 positive individuals has his or her death ascribed to the virus. Is the SARS-CoV-2 presence incidental as would be for instance the presence of a common cold (also a virus). information_agent insists that the tests for the COVID-19 presence are unreliable and cannot differentiate between COVID-19 and some other viruses:

The shutdown was a big part of the psy-op in that it inflicted the psychological shock on the victims. The numbers of dead will not be much changed due to the lockdown, they’ll just be classified now as “coronavirus related” or “covid-19 related” instead of flu, pneumonia, etc. And the places where the vast majority of the deaths will have happened will be the same places they would have happened if the economic shutdown had not happened: nursing homes, hospitals, etc, i.e. places where infirm people are held together in close quarters where infections are already know to spread effectively.

They have no idea how many “covid-19” cases there are because their tests are only testing for coronavirus, of which there are many which have been known to cause the common cold for decades. Allen’s post about changes in the fundamental structure and operating philosophy of the WHO should be enough to show you what’s going on here, as should the multiple trillions in middle-class wealth that’s already been transferred to the wealthiest among us…again.

You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, as demonstrated by this plandemic.

Common Traits with the Common Cold

Pacifica Advocate follows the trail of the similarity between COVID-19, the common cold and flu. All are viruses, all mutate regularly so it’s impossible to vaccinate against them:

A lot of people out and about ate under the mistaken impression that once a person recovers from their first infection, then that person will have acquired “immunity” from Covid-19. That is simply false. This coronavirus is an RNA virus, and that means it is constantly mutating, and at this early phase, extremely rapidly. There are many instances of the virus making three or more “passes” throughout families which are confined together, and there are already instances where mutated forms of the virus have returned to areas where it has already passed through and reinfecting people who had recovered from the initial pass.

Here in Taiwan, the versions of the virus we are currently battling are much more severe and have infected far more people than the initial virus did, with now tens of thousands of people under enforced quarantine. These forms were demonstrably transmitted from Europe and the US, proven via genetic analysis. So do not put any stock in armchair scientists who claim things like “we just need to get X% of the population infected once and we’ll have achieved ‘herd immunity.” It’s nonsense; the virus’ mutation rate is what’s going to determine when this pandemic slows, and our increased immunity mostly depends on how long it takes for that to slow down enough so that our antibodies can have a basic viral form to recognize. We may well see another global outbreak next year; it’s notoriously difficult to develop vaccines and other medicines against RNA viruses.

Similarity to Spanish Flu

The most similar pandemic in the past (highly contagious, significant mortality, long incubation period) Spanish Flu followed a path of multiple waves. Tuyzentfloot asked Pacifica Advocate about the Spanish flu waves:”What was the chance you got killed by the second wave if you got ill in the first wave?”

That’s a good question, but the article I linked to gives a good gestalt–not precise, not certain, but likely answer–to your question.

The first wave started on military bases–I.e. young adults (18~32), ripped through the population, and mainly killed the very old and very young.

The 2d wave came back and killed 400 million people, most of whom were 23~32, or thereabouts.

It’s safe to assume that the vast majority of those who died in the 2d wave were infected earlier by the 1st wave.

I will also remind everyone that science as yet cannot produce a useful or reliable Flu or “Cold” vaccine. Even the strains already challenging our massive ‘herd immunity’ remain mostly unpredictable in their mutations.

Any possibility of a vaccine remains, at best, only guesswork and hope. “Herd Immunity” is likely still 2 years away.

The last time this happened, the Powers-that-be waged a World War and entirely disregarded the human costs–thus the origin of the famed “Carry On!” posters–

One of the first triumphs of 1% propaganda.

Who are the victims?

We know that vast numbers of the very elderly (70+) and the chronicall ill are succumbing to COVID-19. oldhippie has done some additional research on who besides the elderly are dying:

Chicago: it is pretty simple to pull up pictures of those dying around here. The common characteristics are obesity and age. You can be nice and mention diabetes or hypertension. The people in the pictures are just plain big. This is couch potato land. The midwestern diet is awful and the African American diet is awful. The people dying are the ones constantly wheezing for breath and looking for a place to sit in the best of times. Is that harsh? I am at a BMI of 28 and wish I could lose ten or fifteen kilos. I am constantly told I am “skinny as a rail” and when with black friends they put food in my hands continuously.

There are still no tests. Access to testing is controlled by phalanxes of clerks who are good at nothing but saying no. The selection is in favor of those who are good at negotiating bureaucracy and infinitely patient. Patience is very different from determination. Act determined and you will be thrown out of line for sure.

Who Benefits?

Allen is disturbed by the new bureaucracy around WHO. He says money from WHO now comes from the big pharmaceutical companies, which if it is true, comprises real danger of what should be an impartial scientific message being shaped by special interests, politics and profit:

The World Health Organization and numerous “official” experts have asserted a crude mortality rate for COVID-19 of 3.4%. This indicates (erroneously) a rate around 30 times higher than with the influenza virus, which is estimated at 0.1%.

The European Monitoring of Excess Mortality for Public Health Action (EUROMOMO) reveals that, till year week 13, no global European excess mortality can be seen as compared with earlier years, the death toll trend for 2019-2020 is in fact slightly lower than for earlier years.

Confirming this, the German Robert Koch Institute documented end of March a nationwide decrease in the activity of acute RTIs, with the number of hospital stays caused by them being below the level of previous years and currently continuing to decline.

The reason for this declared “pandemic” is the following- first think back on how many “official” pandemics there were from say 1960-2005. Now how many “declared” pandemics have there been since that time.

Understand this recent timeline and what has changed.

In 2005 the WHO, the organization that “decides” what is and what is not a pandemic, changed the way it was funded. It went from a member funded global health agency to one where private interests now contributed the majority of it’s funds. This meant in particular that large pharmaceutical companies and investors connected to them now became the primary donors to the WHO- Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP’s). As a part of this these entities now demanded a seat at the table of the executive committees who are the ones responsible for “officially” declaring that there is a global pandemic.

In 2007 the WHO changed it’s specific definition as to what qualifies as a global pandemic.

The old definition was “a pandemic is an infection of global proportions and with a high mortality”- that definition was changed in 2007 to the more general and vague “a pandemic is an infection of global proportions.” This relaxing of the definition allowed for a more liberal interpretation of pandemic. Why this is so vital to understand is that once a pandemic is “officially” declared mechanisms in place and done through the WHO kick into gear designed to deal with this “global pandemic.” And who decides the direction and manner of these mechanisms? The executive committee which is now loaded with various representatives of those large pharmaceutical interests.

One of THE main outcomes in these PPP’s is that the large amounts of funding that goes to combat these now seasonal “global pandemics” gets funneled directly into the coffers of the big business interests who decide what is a pandemic and how it should be dealt with- meaning funding that goes towards research and development that will now directly benefit those companies who “donate” to the WHO- primarily Big Pharma.

“When a donor gives money, for example, the pharmaceutical industry, these representatives request to be present on the expert committees of the different [WHO] programs. There is a serious conflict of interest. It happened with the H1N1 epidemic, potential vaccine and drug manufacturers, like Tamiflú, were sitting on the committee that was deciding whether to launch an epidemic or not, obviously [the pharmaceutical companies] pushed for the epidemic to start and give a global alarm because they were going to have an impressive market.”

– German Velásquez, the creator of the Health Economics and Drug Financing Unit of the World Health Organization and former Director of its Secretariat for Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property

This is very disturbing information about whether we can trust WHO any more than the CDC (major participant in US biological weapons programs along with the DOD, Department of Defence) or pharmaceutical and chemical companies like Bayer (owners of Monsanto).

This is the part of a series of rescued comments. The goal is to provide thought-provoking comments some context and a longer life. Photos is Unsplash licensed created by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen.

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  1. Mshm Mshm

    Covid-19 is a more severe disease than normal flu. It spreads more easily than the flu and is more damaging physically than flu (in severe cases, which happen more often than the flu leads to pneumonia and death). Consequently it is no surprise it has a higher mortality than flu.

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