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Naturally-Acquired Versus Vaccine-Acquired Immunity

There are some naive people out there. dbtunr writes about the mortality statistics presented for Covid-19:

Covid affects everyone differently. What it did to you or any one person does not matter. It has killed over 750,000 in the US alone.

In answer, Junk Silver sensibly remarks:

93.75% of all CoVid-19 statistics are utter bullshit. If CoVid killed 750,000 it did so largely by miraculously eliminating all deaths from pneumonia, flu and old age.

Correct. Mortality isn’t really up much in 2021 vs 2019. Overall mortality does not reflect a pandemic but a scamdemic. That’s not to say Covid-19 is not an unpleasant ailment with horrible side effects. The vaccines neither seem to stop its spread nor the side effects. The side effects of the vaccines are enormous, striking down even professional footballers in their prime. Hence the vaccines are at the least a failure and an economic boondoggle.

nc551 makes sense of the US numbers:

The first year the lockdowns were responsible for half the deaths and they hyperinflated the death counts by testing every cadaver. That likely holds for the second year too. Since about 3 million die each year in the US anyway, we saw like an 8% increase at best with the average age of death being higher than the average life expectancy. There is no justification for the illegal lockdowns or illegal vaccine mandates.

In the worst case, the vaccines have been designed to cripple the human immune system and make its recipients dependent on regular booster shots for the rest of their lives to avoid imminent death.

Now Western governments are injecting 5 to 11 years old with what is clearly poison. They say people get the government they deserve. How awful we must be to deserve this degree of corruption, cynicism and rapacity.

Image by Michael Dziekonski

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