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Lunatic, genocidal ravings are not free speech

Reading the comments for an article on about Polish border guards potentially firing on Middle Eastern economic migrants from Belarus is enough to shock even veteran machinists of the internet. Here’s some examples of the abusive and inarticulate hate from that article’s comment section:

Polish women are all excited over so many tan colored young men. (Puck Foland)

Poles are subhumans. (Puck Foland)

Poles are losers. (Puck Foland)

Why are these migrants not going to Russia? Because Russia is a failed state. (Huck Fungary)

Weird that these immigrants don’t want to go to Russia, is it because that country is a failed state right now? lol (Here We Go)

Polaks this what happens when you turn on your Slavic brothers. And become the toilet cleaners of Western Europe. Should have tried using brains… not that u have any! HAHAHA (Peter Peters)


Poland is a dictatorship you twat. (Puck Foland)

Poles are fascist degenerates, they need fresh arab blood. (Puck Foland)

I recommend that the migrants should go for the legendary AK47 to take out Polish LGBTQZ-Perverts (Sammy)

In Russia, Prostitutes pay john. Ugly Prostitutes are a good bargain. (Huck Fungary)

LOL So Erdogan (Putin’s lover) is now the president of Belarus? (Huck Fungary)

You get the picture. One can clearly see the absurd meme which Five Eyes are trying to promote against Russia (“failed state”) by sure repetition, using different sock puppets. Otherwise it’s just denigration of Poles, designed to offend and sully the conversation.

Deep comments like this from Ted Lepton are getting lost. In answer to a retort about how “Poles have themselves been invading Europe for the past 30 years”, Lepton wrote:

Poland was overwhelmed by exploitation of work force, domestically decimated ownership of supermarkets, elimination of own industry, production – replaced by foreign owners. EU run new members this same way as globalists run these countries people on the border are coming from.

Yes, there’s clearly a parallel to how Poles have been treated by the EU, as how the migrants from second world countries are treated in the UK, Canada and the United States. Migrants are cannon fodder for big capital against a living wage. As long as there’s someone willing to work for a bunk bed and a dry sandwich, workers’ wages can be kept down and executives salaries kept high. All the overflow goes to capital and overflow there is.


But it’s impossible to keep the conversation going when seventy per cent of the comment section is obscene jingoism. The drivel drove Stanley Sheppard to preface his own comment1:

Reading comments below from nutcases and outright nazis makes me consider if I should continue participating in discussions on this resource. Somehow RT attracts a lot of human garbage, I guess primarily because of its lax commentary policies.

One of the vandals attacked Mr. Sheppard for his “anti-free speech policies” and labelling him a “leftist c__t”. Mr. Sheppard notes the hypocrisy of RT publishing such comments in English.

No, what Stanley is saying is that he is for absolute freedom of speech and opinion, but against the posts that incite national or racial hatred and violence. By allowing such posts RT actually violates Russian laws under the jurisdiction of which it finds itself. Nobody is paying attention because posts are in English and not Russian, but there is nothing in Russian laws where it specifies that to be considered an offence, post needs to be in Russian…

There’s not much legs to that legal case but allowing comments like this does itself a serious disservice.

When the RT comment section moved from Spot.IM to Disqus I’d hoped there would be an improvement. Strangely Margarita Simonyan still has not seen fit to engage competent moderators. Free speech should be earned not granted. Only comments which further the conversation and meet minimum standards for spelling and grammar should be published.

Lunatic, genocidal ravings are not free speech but lunatic ravings. Riggs and Huck Fungary and Peter Peters all meet this standard.

Vandalising and defacing comments sections are a core task of the online sections CIA, DoD, MI6 and Mossad. Attack the credibility by association of the publisher, soil the venues of the opposition to the point almost no civilised person would choose to frequent the comments. The attack on English version is clearly very well-coordinated.

As long as RT continues like this, intelligent commentators will continue to flee RT (I had the comments simply blocked on all my browsers).

Come on, Margarita Simonyan, pull your socks (stockings) up. Surely Russia media deserves better representation in the West than this sewer of a comment section. Commentators like myself, Stanley Sheppard and Dan Zee2 are doing our best to help you build an articulate discussion forum but none of want to wade through night soil to do so.

Image of Brest Courage Monument used with permission from photographer Adelheid Smitt.

  1. Body of Sheppard comment: “On the possible military confrontation, I’m sure that Poland remembers that Russia and Belarus together form a Union State, and are members of a defense treaty that obliges one state (effectively Russia because of its military strength) to defend another in case of attack. How many divisions of Poland by the European powers did we see throughout history? At least four, if we count 1939. With this type of behavior, we can expect 5th one in the future. Poland, as a full member of EU, must comply with EU policies concerning refugees and let the stranded people in from the state that they themselves declared dictatorial and oppressive after failed state coup attempt in Belarus in 2020 that was not only supported, but instigated by Poland. “Hyena of Europe”, as it was aptly named by Churchill, continues its policies and rhetoric of walking the edge and annoying the West as much as the East.” 

  2. Dan Zee’s comment: “The way it look at it the EU is gaslighting everyone. For decades they have co-operated with the U.S at destabilising entire countries. Dick Cheney knew that “pieces of Iraq” would fly off if they attempted regime change and the refugees created would inevitably seek asylum in the west. The same for Syria and especially Libya, Gaddafi warned that Libya without him would descend back into a slave society with people smuggling running rampant and that’s what exactly has happened. So why this outrage at Lukashenko? Because he has done something that they cannot stop without using deadly force. I have a feeling that NATO will be now seeking regime change in Minsk. It’s no secret that they want him removed from power and i predict that they will attempt to decapitate the Belarussian army with the sole purpose of replacing him with the opposition.” 

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