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Who is to blame for the riots in Portland…Trump of course!

In the comments to a Tom Luongo article, on federalism, RealEstateArbitrage rings the bell on accountability:

Let me get this straight…

Portland mayor defunds police….

Portland mayor sides with Antifa….

Portland mayor gets laughed at by Antifa….

Portland mayor lets them riot for 95 days….

Portland mayor’s city and businesses being burned to the ground….

Portland mayor rejects Trump’s help to send in the National Guard…

Portland mayor lets prisoners out of jail…

Portland mayor sets no cash bail….

Portland mayor is also in charge of Portland’s Police Dept…

Portland mayor’s city burning up for the past 95 days…

Portland mayor’s people are being killed, hurt….

Portland mayor’s residents are leaving in droves…no U-Haul trailers anywhere….

Portland on fire, rioters everywhere everyday, every night……

Portland mayor…..”It’s all Trump’s fault!”

Whatever one thinks of Donald Trump, blame the man for blame he’s earned and not for the poor work of others. The near hot war with Iran, the ongoing occupation of Syria – there’s lots for which he is accountable. Heating up the domestic riots on the other hand required many poor decisions from local and state government. The litany of misguided actions is astonishing.

Frankly any local government which encourages and stokes anarchy like this should be physically removed from office by its electors. While progressive politics are popular in Portland, I’d be surprised if anarchy, murder, looting and destruction is what middle-class SJW had in mind when they voted for the current mayor, city councillors and governor.

Photo credit: Wikipedia/Tedder, from section on Portland Riots.
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