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Antifa free to attack at night the home of a US Senator with impunity

Apparently Senator Hawley’s private home has been attacked by antifa, with no intervention by police.

Lord Raglan explains what this means for the US Republic:

Imagine a world where the cops have become so terrified to do anything, to do any law enforcement, that gangs of useless thugs can actually go to a US Senator’s House and harass and intimidate him and his family.

Or they can destroy whatever property they want with impunity.

The American Experiment is a total bust. This country is gone. No leadership. No morals. No standards. No one knows right from wrong. And no one will say anything.

Why do antifa do attack and intimidate people who disagree with them?

The reason Antifa keeps doing the Mob Rule thing is (1) it works and (2) no one stops them.

Not sure how Tucker Carlson stopped them but I think he did. Must have moved to a gated community

The meaning is a lot greater than a simple headline. Radar99 clarifies:

Has one BLM or ANTIFA leader been arrested? The US is basically going through a coup.

Some are proposing extreme measures:

One massacre is all it will take for these soiboys (and girls) to realize that “they don’t want to end up like that” – that being a dead, bloated bullet-ridden corpse laying down some back alley.

Shortly thereafter, they’ll crawl back under their rocks and do what they’ve always done: smoke meth from a lightbulb and get lost in reveries of that time they smashed a window out of a Wendy’s.

There’s some truth to this. Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t stop antifa entirely but his stand certainly slowed them antifa – a lot. Much less violence post-Rittenhouse.

I’m certainly wondering why law and order has been suspended in the USA. BLM and/or Antifa deserve a voice. Protests yes, demonstrations yes but there’s a limit. Some resolve from law enforcement now would likely avoid additional bloodshed later. Most Russians who lived through the first the February and then the October Revolution certainly wish the Provisional Government showed more resolve in forcing Bolsheviks to follow the law. What happened after the Bolsheviks took power is well-known to all: any non-Bolshevik view was quickly defined as treason, while the passive bourgeousie soon has their homes and flats taken over by the Soviet.

It’s strange that in the USA today people with right wing or alternative viewpoints are not even allowed to demonstrate in peace, but always face physical violence and/or negative media coverage for simply appearing in public. This is a long way away from the freedom of political expression the USA purports to be supporting around the globe.

A simple clampdown on Antifa/BLM when they break the law would put an end to all of this nonsense. That the clampdown has not happened is strange. To an alert mind, persistent government inaction suggests a darker agenda and a hand behind the curtain.

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