Goatrance After Party – Das Boot on the Donau

May 24th, 2005 § 0


After party on the Donau in Das Boot Saturday 14 May.


The Das Boot After Party was exactly that. An after party. The party started at eight am and went all day and into the night. When I left at 12:30, there was no end in sight.


Lis with Yukon. Yukon was distracted by dogs on the other bank. Unlike landscapes and architecture, dogs (and people) move and in unpredictable ways.


Some dogs seem to have almost human characters. Yukon is one of them. And he has one blue eye with normal whites, the one you see, which looks just like a man’s blue eye. He was happy to get away from the music. What a lot of people who take their dogs out to music events forget, is that while the dogs love the company, the volume of music that people enjoy is much, much louder to dogs. Like the loudest heavy metal concert you’ve ever been to or heard of.


Pascal and Stefan relaxing in the sunset before a full-night of dancing.

L’anglaise aux beaux yeux au Jardin des Plantes

March 16th, 2005 § 0

L’anglaise aux beaux yeux au Jardin des Plantes.


P1040895-The Smile

P1040894-The Finger

Je vous ai dit que le Jardin des Plantes c’était un de mes répares preferés à Paris. Et non sans cause.

Lapinthrope à Paris

March 7th, 2005 § 1






Danseuse Anna Hein, chorégraphe Xavier Perrez and réalisateur Alec Kinnear sous la tour Eiffel dans les recherches d’un nouveau film chorégraphique. Deux tiers de l’équipe de lapinthrope. Il nous manque que la chorégraphe Torontoise Kathleen Rea.

Photographes Valérie Simphal.

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Paris La Nuit – Hein, Simphal, Perrez

March 7th, 2005 § 0


Anna Hein, Valèrie Simphal, Xavier Perrez – rue Mouffetard.

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Photos Parisiennes: Valèrie Simphal

March 7th, 2005 § 1

Restaurant Japonais à Paris

Fumer Tue

Deux photos de Valèrie Simphal, 5 mars 2005.

Prêter son appareil est bien.

Bisamberg Vienna | Winter – Summer | Photos of the Day

December 29th, 2004 § 1

This is a series of pictures from one of my favorite places in near outside Vienna, on top of the Bisamberg Rise. It is called Magdalenhof. You can see across to Kahlenberg and all across eastern Vienna and enjoy a splendid meadow. These are pictures taken yesterday in winter with my closest summer equivalent. Although the subjects are the same, there are some small problems of angle. I will match winter and summer pictures more carefully in the future.

Summer tree.


Winter tree.


The transmission tower and the forest.





Kiteflying in summer.


Walking in winter.


And finally an unrelated picture. Someone flying a kite. Others enjoying the meadow. Ah summer. Soon again.


Labyrinth | Saskia Hölbling and Katia Plaschka at the Semper Depot

December 13th, 2004 § 0

A darkened section of Vienna. Just off the ring but nothing but blackness and the massive wood and iron doors of old warehouses. A voice rises tormented and beautiful into the night. A futuristic baroque. It must be here.

You push the heavy wood door, peer inside. An almost black space. People wander randomly in the distance. It doesn’t look like a dance show at all. You enter and pass a small table where you give your credentials.

The voice sings insistently, beautifully fragmented.


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warburg | life at the bahnhof | fabien – photo of the day

November 16th, 2004 § 0

Warburg was a dismal grey place.


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