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A Winter Evening in Café Pruckel

It had been a long time since my good friend Kathi (now Dr. Kathi Kastner – congratulations!) and I sat down for a Viennese coffee and chat. Back at home in Prückel, one of the first Viennese cafés I visited and perhaps my favorite is Café Prückel, next to Statdtpark on the edge of the first district. 

Winter in Cafe Pruckel Vienna 3
Winter in Cafe Pruckel Vienna 3
Winter in Cafe Pruckel Vienna 4
Winter in Cafe Pruckel Vienna 4
Dr Kathi Kastner
Portrait of Kathi

For a time I even tried to work in Café Prückel as it is wonderfully bright during the day. But it is just too smoky for more than an hour or two.

The goulash soup is classic.


  1. Eph Eph

    I love Vienna Cafés, and I hope never it will be forbiden to smoke. Vienna would never be the same in that situation.

  2. Hello Eph,

    I agree – Vienna would never be the same.

    It would be pleasanter, healthier and even more beautiful once they ban smoking in restaurants and cafés.

    I recommend a trip down to your local hospital to see the cancer ward.

    My first landlady in Vienna, a wonderful woman full of energy and vitality, died of cancer at the age of 55. Cause – smoking. She stopped in the last six months of her life, but it was too late.

  3. Arthur Arthur

    I love Viennese cafes. the atmosphere is fantastic. The coffee and cakes amazing!

    Is Kathi a doctor of medicine?


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