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Russophobia is a hate crime

Geo-political commentator and one-time long term yachtsman Dmitry Orlov has written a cogent analysis of why Russia would not be particularly interested in talks with the West in his essay No Reason for Peace Talks. He covers the basics of how the West, in particular the Anglosphere, has been lying in most negotiations since the 1600’s. Just ask the North American Indians, the East Indians, the Chinese, the Vietnamese, the Koreans, the Iranians, the Lybians.

Of special interest is Orlov’s short and sweet notes on the current Russophobia enveloping Western discourse.

  1. The idea of peace talks presupposes a modicum of mutual respect between the parties involved in the negotiation. And yet if you take any one of a great many articles about Russia being published in the US or the EU and simply replace “Russians” and “Russian” with “Jews” and “Jewish” and publish the result, you would rather quickly find yourself in jail for hate crimes. Russophobia, which is rampant in the West, is no different from Antisemitism or racism generally. Why would Russian officials ever wish to grant an audience to such reprehensible, despicable people?

While racism is rightly castigaged in the West – while today blacks are by their nature good and incapable of crime or at least prosecution – Russians have become subhumans: not entitled to their language, their culture, their religion or their historic lands.

Clearly the West have lost our collective minds. We’d like nothing more than to repeat to re-Conquer the West. I.e. the genocide of the North American Indians. GnadenhuttenMassacre-of-the-Christian-Indians-1852.png

What Russians have noted is how when Russia expands, there is no attempt to genocide or disinherit the local peoples, or even to take their culture.1 The local people are allowed self-rule and their leaders encouraged to come to Moscow both to study and for some to stay as regional representatives in national institutions. Co-existence in a federation, rather than suppression and annihilation.

The language which the West is using towards Russians and Russian culture is a hate crime and a war crime. We should collectively be deeply ashamed to have fallen to the level of the Third Reich, within Europe.2

Orlov’s whole essay is worth a read.3

  1. There have been a couple of short-term exceptions for which, the Russian people going back to the Russian tsars have shown deep regret and stopped within twenty years. The genocide of North American Indians went on for about two hundred years, and only stopped now as there are so few of them left. It’s easier to give lip service to native rights. 

  2. England, the United States and Canada no longer seem to entertain the concept of shame any longer – for them, all that counts only self-interest and economic advantage. My reproach hence will be to Europe at this point. 

  3. The essay is behind a (reasonably priced) paywall, so here’s another intriguing excerpt, predicting the likely long term consequences of the current status quo. “7. The idea of peace talks presupposes that neither side to the conflict sees a relatively effortless and low-risk glide path to outright victory, and yet Russia sees just such a path. The collective West has severely hurt itself by imposing thousands upon thousands of sanctions on Russia. Most importantly all of the EU, and Germany especially, have destroyed the basis of their economic prosperity, which is cheap energy from Russia and as a result have entered an economic crisis loop from which they will emerge too weak to oppose Russia. Across the ocean, the US is, economically speaking, a dead man walking. Its last vestige of economic power rests on shale oil, which is past its peak and set to decline rapidly. Its treasury and its banking system are both nearing collapse as the world steadily gives up on the US dollar. It is headed by a senile puppet president whose vice president is a cackling idiot. It is in a state of incipient civil war that is bound to flare up as financial collapse proceeds and economic conditions worsen. Given these developments, the US may no longer be a contender, US military bases around the world will become nonfunctional, the EU and NATO will dissolve, and the Europeans and other former American vassal nations will replace their American puppet leaders with patriotic conservatives and reestablish bilateral relations with Russia. Russia may have known what it wanted at the beginning of the special military operation, but what it might get in the end may be beyond its leaders’ wildest dreams.” 

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