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bush najaf press conference | citizens, democracy and war crime

americans, this is the beginning of the end.

i find it hard have any sympathy for your people – yes, i said people – as long as you tolerate, even support, a government which perpetrates its own atrocities (iraq) and underwrites others (israel/palestinians).

your sanctimony is unbearable. even those of you on these boards who try to deflect criticism of your country. your hollow patriotism and vicious jingoism is loathesome.

sadly, whatever bad things will happen to your country and your citizens, at this point, one would have to say you deserve them.

in a democracy, the citizens must bear responsibility for their government.

if what is planned goes ahead at najaf, your common soldier is no longer doing a job, he’s a war criminal.

and all of you who support bush – or don’t fight his government tooth and nail – collaborate in the crime. this is a question of civic responsibility.

i repeat – in a democracy, citizens must bear responsibility for their government.

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