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Women need the skills of a baseball scout

Apparently, there is less than 1% chance in the United States of finding a man with the following characteristics: not married – any race – at least 6′ tall – not obese – earning at least $100,000 per year. In the comments, JimminyCritHit notes:

Facts. Women need the skills of a baseball scout. Read the fundamentals, assess the upside, project a ceiling, make an offer.

When my wife married me I was unemployed with a bachelors degree. Anything I’d say about our life now will sound like a fake internet flex. BL: better

This is quite funny. Women who wish to be successful in their family life, almost have to have the ability to predict success. All the successful men with reasonable personalities are taken, before they are successful. Those who are successful and coming out of no-fault divorce and wish to find another long term partner are quickly snapped up.

It would be very much in women’s interest to have a more equitable distribution of wealth, much better nutrition, active sports program. Faint chance of that happening, Stateside, though.

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