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yagutilov on line

for afficiandoes of short film, my friend and sometimes cameraman richard yagutilov has just put up his own site,, where you can see some of his short films.

particularly interesting are numb and balls out.

once you watch numb, public transportation will never be the same. closet iPodphobes mustn’t miss the chance to see their darkest fantasies realised.

balls out is a little harder to explain. some guy wants to neuter his poodle. the poodle doesn’t want to be neutered. enough that he starts to talk. or rather starts to rap.

after much singing back and forth, master and pet hold an extended rap duel over who should be castrated in the end while the master’s two friends referee.

my dislike of rap and the agressive of posturing of hip hop stood in the way of really enjoying the film. but for amateurs of either rap or talking pets, there’s quite a bit of fun here.

park pleasures would also be worth a peek – it looks to me like richard is trying to do something a little more mainstream in the hopes of getting a movie or a television deal.

sadly, the web version is just a short excerpt from the beginning and misses the visual punch line altogether. thus quite unsatisfying.

i have the DVD version and enjoyed park pleasures. maybe richard will post the whole film some time soon.

technical: the web versions are in quicktime format (i.e., they look and sound good enough to watch unlike most of the WMV and real stuff). worth a visit.

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