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modern crusades | feudalism and true imperialism

the world of men is full of noise today. the sound of 200 spaniards going up in smoke on account of their president’s support for the americans in the so-called war on terror.

can we not call this war what it is… an extension of the crusades. and as doomed to fail now as it was when richard undertook it in the 15th century.

the only way a crusade could succeed is if it eliminates every man woman and child from the middle east, certainly including old constantinople and its ottoman empire, known now as turkey.

and this crusade must carry on into the wilds of pakistan who already have bombs of their own.

i mean do the americans have any clue about what they are up against and up to. even if they succeed in pilfering the stocks of middle eastern oil for a song, they will ruin the chances of their citizens being accepted or welcomed in half of the world for a good hundred years.

can the short term economic benefits of prolonging the age of oil really be worth it?

certainly not.

and two hundred spaniards are frowning down at these yankee imbeciles now, saying you have deprived me of a life with my beloved wife or i will never see my children again or i so looked-forward to my daughter’s first accouchement in june.

not to mention the unfortunate two thousand to have lost their earthly refuge in the fall of 2001, for little reason, as history will point out, no reason at all. (link to osamma bin laden’s letter).

i am inclined to take bin laden at his word. if we would leave the middle east alone, i suspect the middle east would leave us alone. unguarded constantinople was a mistake. but that is what serbs and hungarians are for.

when we are not raining bombs down upon their heads or frivolously bankrupting their previously quite self-sufficient economy.

scandalous thoughts. but as we casually bomb civilian cities, can we really expect to live in peace with our fellow man.

any one who has lived under the rain of bombs could tell you that is impossible. any wonder this

modern warfare is not but target practice. the americans are building robot soldiers to do their dirty work for them in a decade. you will have command centers hooked up with high speed data connections and so-called soldiers seated there. better we call them players. they will have movement sensitive helmets and complicated hand and wrist controllers. with these apparatus they will manage to be somewhere far away, shooting up the countryside in either a palestinian, syrian or saudi village.

there will be no one left alive when their medics arrive on the ground to clean out the area.

the impoverished and jobless americans of the underclass will make up the new colonizers for this new old continent.

feudalism and true imperialism sound their siren lure. but no more successful than england, america will die in its colonisation of distant lands.

nothing loathed like an american. gradually the doors of europe close to them.

the world divided into zones of influence again. nothing loathed like an american.


  1. Jeff Jeff

    I would like to see the US continue to step up its efforts to fight terrorism. I would like to see some of the militias in the US bring their resources together to take the fight to those that want to harm America. If the terrorists want to blow up a train, I say that we in turn blow up a mosque. If they want to use car bombs to kill our soldiers then we respond by destroying a city block. The way to do this is for the American people to unite militia groups and mercenaries and take the fight to radical Islam on their own soil.
    The way to win the war on terror is to totally eliminate the extremist elements of Islam. You do that by eliminating them by any means necesary. This is the only way to win. If that truly means that we carry out a so called crusade than so be it.

  2. Alan Alan

    Let’s not forget, when we speak of radicalism, our own home grown brand of religious radicalism. Our own politically active, media controlling, politician buying, extreme far right conservative, self rightious Damn Everybody But Themselves Jesus Freaks. Matching tit for tat, every action a reaction, and going on the offensive here in our own land against every sector of our society but the blind followers of religious doctrine. Where do you suppose the idea of a second war on Iraq came from? Who owns the Presidency of the United States? Who does our President represent, really? Nobody cares, nobody does anything, hell, this idiot even got re-elected! I fully expect that by posting this, my neighbors will be interviewed, my taxes audited, my mortgage foreclosed. What have we come to in this world that the Press is afraid to criticize the administration? Freedom of the Press is gone. The only network to not cut Bushes infomercial the other night was rewarded with a plug for Desperate Housewives. Hasn’t this gone far enough? Does nobody see what is happening before our very eyes? The previous posting refers to and welcomes “a so called crusade”. How naive and inflamatory these remarks are. Religious Terrorism? The Twelfth Crusades are fully upon us, the Holy War is here in our own United States, it’s Generals speak from the Pulpit, it’s Knights Templar bribe and corrupt the political process. The Holy War is taking us while we sleep, Tomorrow The World.

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