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Blowing up pianos – Cats Park Your Love is a Sin

Watching this video is tough for someone who loves music, musical instruments and antiques. trip pop Russian band Cats Park destroys a gorgeous old C. Goetze signed black upright piano. When the paint started to flow I thought it might just by water based and wondered how they would clean it off. How wrong I was.


If Hollywood can blow up cars and buildings (less and less, more and more done purely in CGI), indie music videos should have the right smash old pianos in the pursuit of art.

Apart from the death of the piano, a quite beautiful and simple video. Like most good videos, there’s a single strong image and it’s followed through consistently. We create and then we destroy. There is no permanence. Echoes of Shelley’s Ozymandias. Even truer in emotional terms. The closest couples often become the most bitter enemies or the most estranged souls on the planet.

More Cats Park videos here (on a technical note, Cats Park should consider hosting their music videos on Vimeo which is a much nicer place for visitors than YouTube).

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  1. Hi there ! I’ve got a C. Goetze Berlin few weeks ago as a gift, which looks very similar to the one which was broken during the shootings of this video :) I’ve no idea about C.Goetze, and since there is very little information about this trademark (in German as well) watching this video is very surprising to me :) Mine has signs on it as well, there’s the serial number too, but this piano is still a mystery to me, and this video created a more mysterious idea of the piano in my mind :o :) Thanks for the post

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