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Category: Vienna

vienna paysage

vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, whether you are in the city or looking at it from outside. here is a look down at vienna from two nights ago. for those who know the city, i am in kahlenberg. it’s a forty five minute ride from downtown on a mountain bike. and last night, a little later.

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dangers of a federal europe

corinne gobin takes on the hidden menace of the federal europe. effectively the creation of a greater europe takes the power a long way away from the individual elector and individual country or canton or landkreis. a great deal more power moves into the hands of central bankers and almost faceless bureaucrats…. the average european citizen and worker is far more on guard for his or her rights than an american is. these are populations which have toppled numerous corrupt regimes and carried whole elites to the guillotine. i have always leaned far against revolutionary tendencies in favour of art and beauty, much of which torn to shreds at the first sign of revolution. much to regret in both the french and bolshevik revolutions. but if desempowerment and enslavement is what the hidden capitalist hand seeks in europe, revolution is surely what they will get. and in short order.

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rules of life in germany | cheating at the game of life

after my daily swim at trinity bellwoods in toronto, i met some men and from one of them heard an amazing tale. this fellow has a friend, you see. and the friend moved to germany. the friend is some kind of an engineer and likes to put in long hours. he was stymied in his desires. when he arrived at the german company he was given a ten page book of work rules. highlights include. no eating lunch at your desk. a fireable offense. obligatory half hour of socializing in the lounge with co-workers after lunch. not a fireable offense…

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staatsoper | kylian ballet program with anna and astrid

on my second to last night in vienna, i went out to the staatsoper with anna and astrid. i can’t imagine better company for an evening at the ballet in vienna. anna is a former dancer and knows the history of the company and many of the dancers. astrid is terribly up to date on modern language german speaking theatre. my contribution would be a wide knowledge of classical ballet companies.we had some time to wait and sat together in the quite lovely café at ground level. while we were there an older lady came and sat with us. i…


at café prückel

this is my favorite café in vienna. much of my personal life has transpired here. always important meetings. here is a picture of anna-lapin with the other anna, the last time i saw her.

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how higher prices improve life

here in vienna, prices at the supermarket are magnitudes (between one and half and two times) higher than in toronto or elsewhere in north america, especially for cheese and produce. happily, the cheese and the produce are far better than what one is accustomed to in toronto. after a summer in carinthia and on the island of hvar, i became even more particular, so i still try to buy my fruits and vegetables at the freyag market on thursdays. the native fruits and vegetables of austria (apples, onions, beets, carrots, lettuce of various sorts, squash of all kinds, brussel sprouts,…

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