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Leica film reveals the fundamentals of street photography in 8 minutes

When I first came across an article about Leica’s digital camera with no display screen, I first thought it was an April fool’s post. No, the post was published on April 30th not March 31st. In 2016, Leica indeed released a camera without any kind of a screen, the Leica M-D. Even my Canon 5D had a screen as did generations of PowerShot 30 and 45’s.

There’s a kind of brilliance in it. I remember the thrill of shooting my Pentax K1000 or Zenit cameras and not knowing what was waiting for me on the other side. I was never a full time professional image maker in the days of film but I did make many beautiful pictures (though some shoots did fall on their face). Photographers had to be really, really good then to work professionally as there could be hundreds of people dependent on your images.

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