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US diplomatic etiquette, a poem

In the comments to MoA – And Then Biden Blew It … Again, ld posted a poem about US etiquette. Here’s what prompted the poem.

China’s foreign ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning called Mr Biden’s remarks “extremely absurd and irresponsible”. Speaking at a regularly scheduled press conference on Wednesday, she said that the comments were “an open political provocation” that violated diplomatic etiquette.

The poem is amusing and worth a read:

US 'etiquette'

Here is your new leader
we chose him just for you
the other guy is gonna die
and we've arranged a coup

our good and faithful minions
share all of our opinions
so if you want to live
here's what yer gonna do

Arrest our competition
and buy our submarines
and force your population
to submit to our vaccines

just do as you are told
don't make us use the stick
for we can be quite ruthless
when we want to be a prick.

While it’s doggerel, it’s both funny and on the money.

ld documents basically the story of Australia, who have lost several prime ministers when the US disapproves and are now stuck with boondoggle of a submarine deal, where Australia pays but the submarines and their weapons remain under the control of the USA. Canada is not much different but we don’t have to buy submarines. All the rest applies. It’s astonishing that the word democracy manages to come out of these puppets’ mouths. It’s been a long time in Canada or Australia or the US or the UK that there’s been a truly free election. It’s worst in the Homeland of course (US), where only made men and women are allowed anywhere near the starting line.

Illustration: created in MidJourney based on the poem above.

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