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Confidence In The Global Economy survey looks trumped up

Ipsos numbers looked gamed to me. I know that where I am in Central Europe people do not have any confidence at all in the economy getting better. There are huge layoffs in manufacturing in Germany, huge layoffs in technology (mostly in the US but it trickles out to us in Europe). The hot war with Russia (Russia was one of our largest and most generous trade partners: cheap energy in, high priced machinery/cars, luxury goods out) and a slowly growing trade war with China mean huge inflation.

Confidence in Global Economy survey numbers

We no longer even let our farmers work properly or earn a good living (anyone who thinks farmers live high on the hog have never worked a farm).

In the comments Peter Pan notes:

I think the responses would be quite different if every participant in the poll was made aware and took account of the demographic cliff facing many of their nations. I grant however that in the short run things are still standing due to the termites holding hands.

The demographic cliff is an illusion, modern economies need far fewer people and will need still fewer workers in the future. Deflation in hyper-inflated housing would help young families.

The only exception is if your country is planning to go to way. In which case, you need more soldiers and more mothers. Much better for the armed forces if the soldiers are native stock and not recent additions (barbarian mercenaries). Rome found about this the hard way.

Photo credit: Ansel Adams

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