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Going green means destroying the people of the forest

People in the West, including my sister, are very concerned about going green. It’s very important that we drive electric vehicles and we replace our gas guzzlers apparently.

In the meantime, battery powered cars require previously unseen amounts of nickel and lithium for their batteries. This means the reserves of nickel and lithium must be urgently extracted from the earth. Even if they are under nature reserves, or if a previously uncontacted tribe (there’s few of those left) named the “People of the Forest” live in these areas.

New “catastrophic” footage shows uncontacted tribe near nickel mine

New “catastrophic” footage shows uncontacted tribe near nickel mine

Petapixel notes:

The tribe’s home Halmahera island happens to sit on one of the world’s largest reserves of nickel. In recent years, the demand for nickel has skyrocketed due to its use in electric car batteries, bringing this once-quiet island to the attention of international mining corporations.

“It’s a deep irony that these people literally call themselves Hongana Manyawa — ‘People of the Forest’ — and yet they’re the ones being destroyed in the name of the green transition,” Russell tells the publication.

It’s hard to add much to the irony here. It feels like we’ve been transported to a Jonathan Swift essay, where we must give up privacy, nature, civility, family in the quest for a green sustainable world full of joyous gay couples peacefully committing war crimes.


Gradually transgender men win all the women’s athletic medals and break and hold all the women’s sports records.

What ever happened to equal rights and tolerance? Not to mention the [Nuremberg Principles](

Image Halmahera island by Eustaquio Santimano via Wikipedia. CC license. The second image above is not a joke or photoshop. It’s a real image taken by Yoav Atzmuni of himself 12 November 2023 during the Israeli invasion. Atzmuni is a member of a tank brigade partially responsible for the ruins behind him.

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