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Women’s Life in Modern Society: the sad post-feminist reality

With my girlfriend the other night we had a long talk about a woman’s life in modern society. We ended up concluding that modern women have an even worse deal than their grandmothers.

Pre-feminism, a woman would have to bear and raise the children, take care of the house.

Post-feminism, what has changed?

A woman has to bear and raise the children, take care of the house and go to work and have a career.

What was a tough line has become a damn near impossible challenge (note plummeting motherhood rates among well-educated women).

In my email box from ZDnet came an essay from original feminist Paula Rothenberg entitled “Snatched from the Jaws of Victory: Feminism Then and Now”. Rothenberg notes:

Once upon a time the personal really was political. Today, it is simply personal. Capitalist patriarchy has once again showed its extraordinary ability to take radical movements and demands that challenge the system, and re-package them in ways that actually reinforce that system and preserve the existing distribution of power and privilege in society. How convenient for capitalist patriarchy that young women today think that dressing like every man’s sex fantasy is a sign of their liberation and that the women’s movement was all about getting the right to choose and had nothing to do with making hard decisions about what values and what social vision should be reflected in our choices.

I remember well the sexual revolution of the 1960s. It seemed, briefly, to hold out the hope that women might finally control their bodies, control their own sexuality. But it soon became clear that the new sexual freedom simply meant more opportunity for men, not a new kind of experience for women.

No kidding, ladies.

It used to be that a man had to be somewhat responsible in his relations with women, or he’d be branded a cad and disbarred from polite society. What’s going on now in the world is a simple sexual free for all.

You can go through as many girlfriends as you like. Women fling themselves at you all the time. You accept or you don’t.

My girlfriends are complaining these days about putting two or three of the best years of their lives into a guy before he loses interest or just drifts off. And no one judges a man for it. “Oh it just didn’t work out,” pardons the chorus. Multiply by several boyfriends and bingo, a woman is thirty.

No children, no husband in sight. And nothing but some Club Med vacations and pretty Corisica photos to show for it.

Feminism has been very, very good to men.

I almost qualified men with the adjectives potent and attractive but that is a subject for another essay.


  1. anti-whipped anti-whipped

    You have your head up your ass and you’re singing the tune the Gynarchy has set down for you; you’re the boo-hooing “good guy” who laments the eternal victim by lambasting your own sex.

    Women have become as sexually flippant as men and are twice as malicious in their sexual selection. Your “sexual free for all” is not the fault of men, nor are women the primary losers – rather men who must deal with “girls gone wild”, who do not WANT to be mothers, or homemakers, or even simply chaste and goodnatured. Instead, we get endless amounts of “sass”, selfishness, greediness, superficiality, nauseating sexual fetishes and “experiences”, talk of menstrual cycles, etc. ad naus.

    Your attempt to paint women as martyrs of the social movement to which they gave themselves – for nothing more than the thrill of social clout, of which your narrative is a reflex – is at once dishonest and incomplete. The real martyrs are decent men & women, but above all the children who somehow manage to get born through all the grotesque “wildness” and “rights” of modern woman, and the older generations, our mothers and grandmothers, who are pained by this inglorious, wretched, vulgar spectacle. This is our future women are pissing away in wet t-shirt contests, raves, promiscuity, infidelity, careerism, birth control and abortion.

    Do not dare blame men for feminism or how they have adapted to it; that is backward, dishonest, and just prejudicially blind, like kicking someone in the head while telling them it’s their fault for wincing or putting up their arms. It’s a testimony to the dogged goodnaturedness of men that they still manage to be interested in these freaks of nature at all. Men will go to any extreme to captivate women, a stark reversal of human procedure for the last, oh, entirety of its existence. He’ll put on makeup and tight jeans like a fairy, doll himself up real nice, call and beg for attention like a little girl, and if he should miraculously succeed in wresting from the ill-tempered, egotistical, slutty female a bit of sexual relief, he very wisely goes on his way, knowing that is exactly all he’ll get out of her of any value. When women calm down and stop being so selfish and vain and “crrraaaazy”, maybe men will be able to stand her company for more than the proverbial one night (as though women are not guilty of this as often these days!)

    If woman were a road, one would place a sign before it: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” Woman has abandoned man, has abandoned herself, has abandoned the future, the race, and all human decency: that is not to be lain at the door of men who are merely trying to satisfy their crude sexual nature under extremely hostile circumstances.

    Now I’m sure you’ll want to come back with some sanctimonious nonsense about misogyny because, God knows, you’re a very well trained man, and no doubt Big GF is reading over your shoulder, whispering venom into your ear. Spare yourself the trouble! I’ve been mistreated by women my life long, and my reasoning is the fruit of HER character as much as my own.

    Some women are starting to wake up from the long night of “feminism”, thank God. They’re putting on skirts and having children, like it’s an experiment, something “fun”, a nice hobby; however they want to talk themselves into it is fine by me, so long as they do it. Which isn’t to say they no longer expect their men to be the closest thing to eunuchs without actually clipping them, but whatever keeps our race afloat, wherever Nature breaks through the stupidities of humankind, is inherently good.

  2. anti-whipped anti-whipped

    By the way – you really have vicious, ugly little liars like this Rothenberg (hardly surprising surname for a rabid misandrist) to thank for the state of woman: HER kind created feminism, HER kind pushed it on young women at universities and still do so today. “Capitalist patriarchy”? Give me a break. Without that capitalist patriarchy, feminism would not have flourished. Without that capitalist patriarchy, she wouldn’t have had a “career” to pursue, leaving her womanhood and good sense behind. Without that capitalist patriarchy, these snide hatemongering misandrists wouldn’t have had jobs or grants in the first place. It is only under a supine, effete, “liberal” capitalist system, overseen by non-native cultural saboteurs, that such excrescences of resentful thinking as feminism can thrive. All these “Marxian” or “Marxist”, prunefaced lesbian monsters never spent a day in their lives in a Communist nation, and if they did it was probably some worthless press junket where they were gladhanded like every other foreign observer. They have not only destroyed woman, they have slandered the genius of two of Germany’s greatest thinkers through systematic misuse: Hegel and Marx. Certainly neither of these men would condone, nor could they have foreseen, the destructive use of their ideas (the same applies to Marx’s use of Hegel himself, of course).

    No, a thousand times no: get your boohooing head out of your ass and stop blaming men for what a bunch of bespectacled, vicious little Ashkenazi professorettes have inflicted upon both men and women.

  3. Kristen Kristen

    I’ve read the first comment/reply to this section and was completely jaw-dropped. The very reason for the Feminist movement existing is because of the large number of men telling a woman where her “place” is.

    No whole group of people (gender, race of nationality) have a certain place in life.

    You are calling modern women “wretched” well, that’s what’s wrong with you. You are a big stereotype-and that WON”T get you NOWHERE in life.

    Everyone has had an affect on feminism. F.Y.I. : Alot of men accept femenism because they want the same thing we want and they agree with the feminist movement.

    I assume that you are Christian because you have “God knows” in your response.

    *Well, in the bible, there is this woman named Ruth-she was a judge in biblical days.
    *A woman named Deborah was a war leader and recovered women, children and live stock that were stolen by an enemy nation.
    (My point there is if God wanted women to have just one place, these two women whom I just named would not have did what they have done).

    Now….to modern women:
    *Have you ever heard of Oprah? I bet everyone has.
    Just in case you did not know, she is the most powerful woman in the U.S. (and I will assume she is so much more powerful than you).
    She recently opened a school for girls in South Africa.
    She also has a long-running talkshow and her OWN studio.
    *Have you ever heard of bussiness women, Hillary Clinton? I know you have. Since I know that you have heard of these women then I need not to describe them.
    All in all, What do all of these women that I have named have in common?

    They do not sleep around, not all of them get abortions, they are not a girl gone wild…….they are modern women. So you have NO right to put down the modern woman just because she chooses not to take up the life of homemaking but to venture and find her place in society…in life. Maybe God has called her to do something other than tending to the home.

    I am not putting down a woman who decides to make a career nor will I look down on a woman because she chooses to stay at home. IT IS HER DECISION-NOT YOURS, NOR NO MAN’S. Sorry if this isn’t the world you’ve dreamed of- sorry that it is the REAL world not a man’s world.

    So, I am an eighteen year-old woman who is going to college. I want to make something of myself-I have hopes and dreams. I do NOT (nor will I ever) support abortion. I want a family AND a thriving career. Do you want to know something? I am not a wretched, inglorious, vulgar spectacle. I will not piss away in
    wet t-shirt contests, raves, promiscuity, infidelity, careerism-nor will any other future woman.

    So what if we have careers…GET OVER IT. It seems as though YOU are the jeleous one “boohooing” and whining about a woman’s success. You point out all of the bad apples and certainly fell to point out our achievements. You are afraid of the woman two times as much as you while raising a family in a marriage.


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