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Who are the unvaxed and why are they engaged in wrong-think

In the comments to Austrian Police Patrol Shops, Highways Hunting For The Unvaxx’d, gregga7 darkly notes:

Impfen macht frei! [Injection builds freedom!]

LadyDaze cynically adds:

The likelihood is that impfen macht Tot …

oldschool states the important obvious.

Tot ist frei. [Death is freedom/]

Why have so many Russians, black Americans, NASA scientists and PhD’s not gone to get vaccinated?

It’s about trust in the government. Russians learned over seventy years not to trust the government. Black Americans have two hundred years of negative experience with government and government health inspectors (before they were ex-patriated, most dangerous medical studies were done on blacks). NASA scientists know you can’t trust the government. Critical thinking PhD’s have strong reason to believe we should not trust the government.

Most of the people foolish enough to get vaccinated are those who trust the government.1 For better or worse, there are many people who adulate authority and trust the system.

chiswickcat explains the phenomenon:

Psychological control technique 101. Isolate people, scare the shit out of them, bring them a solution. That’s why people are so willing to take an untested jab. They don’t even know they have been psychologically manipulated. They think their .govs are helping them.

Going a bit deeper, some longtime members talked about who in their personal circles has chosen to be vaccinated and why.


Yep, midwits love their rules, orderly lives, and bureaucracy.

Last study I saw on jab rate vs education the bachelors degrees had the highest vax rate and PHDs the lowest rate.  There are a lot of bachelors degree, masters degree and even PHDs who are midwits; they know enough to think they are highly knowledgeable and intelligent.  If they knew more (and have self awareness) they’d get humbled by how little they know and not trust an mRNA vaccine with no history just because some stuffed shirt tells them to.

You also see this with occupation.  Those that work in the real world have a grounding to reality, you screw stuff up and shit goes wrong in real time.  Those that work in the abstract can screw stuff up for a lifetime and never get solid feedback.


A close family member of mine has 4 academic degrees from 3 very respectable universities, 3 of which are science based and one is a masters in environmental biology. Their partner also has 2 degrees, one is a masters of biochem. They are both fully vaxxed and are looking to vaxx their kids, who are all under the age of 6.

Incredibly, I know MUCH more about this COVID bullshit than they do. Last I talked to them I mentioned ivermectin as a suitable alternative to vaccines. They immediately said the studies are bogus, well, one study, the Elgazzar study, is bogus and was retracted….months ago! They had no clue that one paper had zero statistical impact on the overall picture. They are clueless and only following the gov/ media and their BS without asking any questions at all. Am I surprised? Not really. It’s elitism. They even remarked to me that the “minority” populations who are not taking this jab are simply “not properly educated on the matter” – UMMM…I’m pretty sure that is a Christian savior, or messiah complex talking there and that’s exactly how atrocities in the past have occured – case in point the Canadian residential schools.”You are dumb, savage, so we will assimilate you. If you resist, you will pay a price”. Unbelievable to hear that logic come from this person. Totally removed from reality.

In terms of their intelligence, they are VERY book smart – not so street smart. Therefore, they fail to see the world is not a loving place and more often than not, corruption leads the day. They just can’t seem to wrap their liberal heads around this, that they are being controlled through military grade propaganda, psy ops. And it is money which drives “science”. It boggles my mind, but it is what it is. Will be sad to see them all suffer down to road. Mind you, the one with 4 degrees wound up in an ambulance being rushed to the hospital with a heart rate of 200bpm immediately after the 2nd dose of Moderna….truly have no idea what these people are thinking….well, clearly they aren’t thinking. It’s quite disturbing.


I don’t think that is education or IQ.  I think it is observational skills. Sure you have to be intelligent enough to process what you observe but first you have to see it.  You have to be willing to see what there is to be seen, however unpleasant. Takes a spine to do that.  My Dad brought me up to have courage, to be brave in the face of anything and to accept facts as they are not as I wish them to be.  I thank him for that.  I guess WWII South Pacific Marines helped him with his observational skills.  Of my 4 siblings 2 are liberal and myself and my brother are conservative.  The two conservatives were both closer to the parents.  The other two live in fairyland.


I think education and IQ 100% have a part in it…moreso to where education and that IQ took them in life. Have they lived a hard life and survived and even persevered? Or did they have everything on a silver spoon and have zero skills or ability to deal with things like childhood traumas, potential narcissism or elitist mind sets?

I think you make a great point though, as to how you were raised, which gave you a spine to not always approach the world with a set of rosy glasses on. And that isn’t to say you aren’t of high IQ or aren’t educated. But perhaps IQ and education are not prerequisites for being able to see and understand evil. Perhaps what is required of that is not IQ, but EQ – emotional intelligence. If you are all book smart and not street/ people smart, you likely aren’t all that good with people, meaning you have trouble meeting them at their level, and you therefore walk around with a holier than thou approach to others. Again, elitism.

You can have a high IQ and high EQ, likely born out of hard life experiences, but you can’t have a high IQ and naturally get a high EQ. To obtain a high EQ, it is all about the life you have experienced thus far and how you have connected with those experiences. Meaning, if you have a high EQ, you likely went through those experiences fully, as opposed to pushing them aside and letting your thoughts and feelings boil inside without dealing with them in any way – avoidance rather than acceptance.


Same situation here.

> associates locally that I thought had two brain cells and were awake have gotten the jab, their excuse it makes life easier…

A friend with a slow cancer, he knew it was a scam, kept telling me it was the Kalergi plan, refused to wear a muzzle.

He got the jab to stop the medics constant heckling and to visit Disney. Suddenly his cancer and body went crazy, he didn’t make it out of the month.

Some people know, but against them is a team of very clever experts checking every single weakness – and they found his. Now he’s dead.

What side am I on? I lived in Russia where I learned never to trust the government2 and am on the side of the cynical NASA scientists and PhD’s in political science. Trust but verify. The urgency to participate in a frightening mass medical experiment is simply not apparent to me. When one looks at the number of incidences of young endurance athletes collapsing on the tennis court or soccer field in the past year, it’s at about three times higher than normal. I’d like to see better statistical analysis but the anecdotal evidence is right there in front of our own eyes.

  1. There’s one more group and it’s not a small one. People who feel they have no choice. They’ve been put in a position where they will lose their job and their home and their family if they do not comply. I’m blessed not to be in that group but have full sympathy for those who are. Our governments are striving to put more and more people into the group without a choice. It’s pathetic to see these craven politicians, many of whom are not vaccinated themselves (US Congress is exempt) passing laws to bully others to do what they are not willing to do themselves. Or to do to others’ children which they would not accept for their own (private schools are mostly exempt from the public school laws). 

  2. came back to the West where I learned the government and banks play similar games to Russian government but cover their tracks better. 

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