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“Bored Ape” NFT Sells For Just 1% Of Expected $300,000 Price Tag

People are paying $300,000 to be named as the owner of this piece of publicly available (questionable) art.

Bored Apes Collection sold for one tenth of declared price

Apparently this left space for the sales team to make a two decimal point typo and sell the NFT for 0.75 of an ethereum coin instead of 75 ethereum. In the real world, clerical price errors like this are usually undoable on high ticket items. Not so in the dog-eat-dog digital world. The sale happened instantly, with no redos.

In the comments to “Bored Ape” NFT Sells For Just 1% Of Expected $300,000 Price Tag After Fat Finger Listing, [jzerohedge]( notes:

The fact that people buy things like this and bitcoin shows just how stupid we all are and is the reason why all of these psyops by TPTB work so well.

It is things like this that they use to measure the stupidity of the people. When people adopt things like this, we have reached peak stupidity and they can influence the masses to do anything… like take an experimental vaccine and force your children to get it.

jzerohedge is right. To my eye, buyer gets worthless digital junk for 1/100 of what idiot buyer was prepared to pay. The whole episode sounds like part of a poorly conceived, dystopian science fiction movie. The worst Twilight Zone episodes made more sense than real life today.

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