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Why rich people choose to diminish the quality of their lives to become politicians

Which politicians: the forty year careerists

One and Only asks a very good question:

Why do people want to work for the government so bad? I get it, job stability, decent paycheck, healthcare…

He gives a few examples:

  • Nancy Pelosi 40 years.
  • Barbara Boxer 38 years.
  • Joe Biden 48 fuckin years.
  • Donald Trump – 4 years but this weird. You’re old. You’re a billionaire. Hot wife. Family…what are you doing bro?

These people are old and rich. Everyone talks shit about you. Look at Rand Paul lost his lung. Scalise got shot. You’re getting spied on, if not by your enemies, by your friends who are trying to steal your spot. The longer you’re in the more culpable you are for screwing everything up.

What do people get out of it? How do people get intoxicated by this. It seems not that fun.

Truly it doesn’t seem like much fun, but One and Only is clearly not susceptible to the drug which is power. Stalin, Hitler, Churchill, Nixon, Trudeau Sr., H.R. Clinton were all held in wholly in its thrall.

Nancy Pelosi was born rich, the daughter of a wealthy politician, closely associated with mobsters. Donald Trump also came to politics very wealthy. On the other hand, Barbara Boxer, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton all became rich because of politics. Nancy Pelosi’s husband has made a fortune on legal insider trading while she is in office.

State of the Nation: Achievements of US Politicians over the last forty years

Since he started with forty year career politicians, it makes sense to talk about what those lifer pols achieved. It’s not a pretty picture. Imagine if you will, the year 2000, the USA runs a $200 million surplus and the national debt is at $6 trillion and shrinking. The peace dividend from the end of the Cold War is finally paying off. In 2001, Dick Cheney and his dirty birds of war come into power, orchestrate 9/11 ("the new Pearl Harbour" described in Project for a New American Century) to the War on Terror which leaves the US trillions in debt.

Graph by True Economics

Last year we had the War on Biological Warfare, which devastated the economy further and required enormous quantitive easing almost doubling the national debt or since the US runs a hundred odd illegal bio-weapons labs around the world, we could call it a spade a spade – the current war is a War on Chinese Technological Advancement. In the future, China has the right to own sweat shops but all the chip manufacturing will be in Japan, South Korea, Israel or in the worst case Taiwan. The only tool the Chinese will be given are smelters for toxic metals and screw drivers for electronics assembly. If the War on CTA follows the pattern of past US "Wars" – Cold, Vietnam, Drug, Terror – it means huge grants to the Military Industrial Complex at the expense of ordinary tax-payers. It’s an open question whether the US economy will survive this way. The current fifteen year old Sanctions War (primarily against Russia and Iran with a small cameo from North Korea) has already begun to blunt many of the US instruments of control.

The healthcare system is good enough but aside from advances in technology…the healthcare system is worse then 40 years ago. We don’t have borders anymore so people who haven’t lived here are getting to vote so what’s so special about American? Osama Bin Laden could walk over from the Mexican border and find a way to vote. My vote doesn’t feel that special anymore. Immigration is worse.

Security? We have mass shootings all the time and we get spied on so the spying isn’t even protecting us. Taxes? The rich pay nothing and the poor making less than $25,000 a year get audited 3 times more then the rich (because its cheaper). So the tax system is not even worth talking about. The economy? If you’re not pissing in a bottle in an amazon warehouse well most jobs have been outsourced or automated. Race relations? Well if you’re white you’re a Nazi and if you’re black you’re a holocaust survior or at least that’s how it gets portrayed. We have riots all the time. Race relations are non existant we can’t even talk about it.

Infrastructure? Well if you’re lucky enough to not be effected by it getting hacked maybe you get a rolling blackout if it gets hot in the desert while you’re taking off from a runway with holes in it. Science in America? The top scientist just got busted not only lying for over a year but come to find out…we funded the virus. Free Speech? Ok…bring up the lab leak theory? You’re cancelled. Our rights to speak freely? Not even a former president can speak freely without getting cancelled. No free speach anymore. I can’t even remember when the last comedy was released that I liked…in America comics get silenced for telling jokes.

I could go on and more in depth but it’s like…what do these people have to show? To brag about? Great democrats beat Trump and that’s all anyone cared about but the people who brought Trump down are all responsible for the above.

Now one and only takes us down nostalgia lane. It’s dangerous to flirt with memory. Men remember what was good and forget what was bad. Women’s memories seem to be much stickier for negative events. Still, I lived through these years too and they were pretty good in Canada too.

I remember being a kid and it was a lot better here in America. The thing that sucks if you were born like 20 years ago you’ll never know how better it was. Getting on a plane without taking your stuff off and getting groped. Telling jokes how you wanted without consequence. The dollar menu…can’t get anything for a dollar. Food in school was ok…for a kid. You could start lemonaide stand as a kid…and not get shutdown by the police for not having a permit. SCHOOL SHOOTINGS AND MASS SHOOTINGS WEREN’T EVEN A THING. Bombing weren’t a thing. You could smoke in restaurants (smoking section) and no one complained or cared. The music was pretty good (content was not Wet Ass Pussy).

You didn’t have to press 1 for English because that was our language it wasn’t an option. Even if you came illegally you learned it. Almost everyone used to be able to afford medical costs and education costs (if not there was a scholarship if you deserved it) you didn’t graduate with a mortgage. You used to be able to support a family with 1 job…and the jobs were pretty good people were shitting in bags in their delivery van like they do now with Amazon. People used to stand PROUDLY for the national anthem not kneel for it. People used to stay married, the divorce rate now is 55% and that’s not very romantic or confidence inspiring. There was a time where we were more influential than Russia…now it seems we can’t vote, we can’t protect our infrastructure or culture because Russia is omnipotent now. Anything goes its Russia.

If you’re a politician and you’ve been in the government for 40 years. What brings you back to the table with all these accomplishments? What makes it worth it? You’re rich. You’re old. None of you are in good health. You’ve really ruined our future at least our present.

Why do you want to be a politician?

While One and Only may be mostly right about the good old days – single income, two-parent families certainly lead to better childhoods – he’s mistaken about the motivation of politicians. It’s not about money or comfort. It’s about power. Some people are sociopathic and what they require from life is neither happiness or joy.

Not even debauchery and satiated hedonism are enough for them. It’s the power over others, even the power of life and death. What motivates many politicians in an unhealthy society can be seen in the serial killer confessions, whether real life or cinematic. The release, the joy is in the ability to end or destroy another human life. The crazy lady laugh of Hillary Clinton when talking about the destruction of Libya and death of Ghadaffi is a good real life example caught on film.


The US system is thoroughly broken though. Barrack Obama’s Cairo Speech was fabulous, where a clear commitment was given to peace in the Middle East. Obama was not allowed to implement any of it. Donald Trump’s commitment to end the new Cold War and focus on building US infrastructure and creating new technology would have been a breath of fresh air for the world. Any politician with principles who is not under the control of the Permanent War cabal is run out of politics, a recent example being Tulsi Gabbard. So we live on as the chattel of crooked sociopaths, themselves doing the bidding of psychotic plutocrats.

What happened to government of the people, for the people, by the people?

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