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PC John Lovegrove lied about assault: why has Lovegrove not been charged with perjury?

This black high school student in England was charged with assaulting a police officer. Fortunately for the young man, there was a CCTV camera trained on the incident. Very fortunately the police didn’t get to that CCTV camera first.

PC John Lovegrove had charged the young man with assaulting a police officer:

Lovegrove claimed the youth, who was handcuffed behind his back at the time and forced to the ground by police, rolled over and, in doing so, caused grazing and bruising to the officer’s knuckles. The youth was also accused of spitting.

The CCTV cameras showed the youth to be “lying there like a dead fish”. Lovegrove went on to accuse the young man of drug use as he had cigarette papers on him.

So the prosecution finally dropped the charges in court. Who pays the young man back his time and his grief? Well perhaps the public pocket this time as quite correctly he has decided to sue the London police.

How about the police officer who made up the story? What happens to old bigot and cry baby Lovegrove now?

Nothing. No charges.

Lovegrove filed a false report, intentionally interfered with the life of an innocent and perjured himself before the court.

Why has Lovegrove not been dismissed?

Why are the police immune?


PC Simon Harwood
PC Simon Harwood

PC Simon Harwood who has a long history of thuggery killed Ian Tomlinson on 1 April 2009. At first no charges were laid, but as evidence piled up eventually there was a show trial under carefully controlled conditions. Harwood got off scot free, effectively. Tomlinson was just a newspaper vendor trying to make his way home.

It’s entirely ancien regime. One law for us, another law for them. What kind of message does police immunity send out? What kind of brutes does police immunity attract to the force?

Apparently in the last forty years over 1000 people have died in police custody in London and this is the first time a police constable has even been charged.

Liars, cheats and murderers, that it appears is your modern London bobby.

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