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john kerry assassination

yesterday john kerry began to win the 2004 election campaign. it started in a church in st louis, where he gave a speech which moved men and women, of faith and without.

The scriptures say: “It is not enough, my brother, to say you have faith, when there are no deeds.”…

This is our time to start building up America again. Time to build up the material things that matter– from our schools to health centers to depressed communities that can thrive again. But even more, time to build up the things of the spirit that lift us up — the sense that no matter where we come from, what we have or what we lack — we are all God’s children, linked together by the dignity of each and the shared destiny of all.

So let us pray. Let us move our feet. Let us march together and let us lead America in a new direction — toward that mountain top which has always been our destination. We won’t get there in one year or one election. But this year is our time to take another giant step toward the country we can and should become.

the ideals expressed in this speech are noble and realistic. they are the kind of ideas with which a better world is made. ideals of compassion and brotherhood.

while the speech was made in a church, ironically enough it closely follows liberté, egalité, fraternité. but that the speech was made in a church is marvellous. the sanctimony of the bush administration is unbearable. they feel they have a direct pipeline to god. unfortunately their god is an angry god, moses’s god. not a god which should dictate the sentiments or the votes of warm hearted christians.

by vigourously opening the democratic party to christian americans with sentiments like this is the kiss of doom for the republican election machine, already reeling from richard clarke’s book and personal testimony. john kerry instantly evoked a harsh rebuke from a white house spokesperson.

which is why some four months from today it would not surprise me to read of john kerry’s assassination. even if he survives until after the election, hidden powers may be gunning for him. it strikes me that this ex-vietnam hero and antiwar campaigner houses many contradictions in his complex soul.

when did he decide that he may want to become president? perhaps a long, long time ago. you cannot play your hand too early. if you make a career in politics, you must bide your time and accommodate important interest groups along the way, occasionally vote against your convictions. otherwise you are thrown out of the game.

but once you become president, it’s pretty much your show to run for the next four years.

initially i had thought john kerry just another yale fraternity man, beholden and complicit. his marriage to a heinz and a large fortune only deepened suspicions that he is a bush clone, albeit with some intellect and dignity and knowledge of the world and men.

but perhaps he’s not. once he’s president, finally he will have a chance – the one chance of his life – to enact some of those ideals of the antiwar days. cast off the hands that try to control all american political life.

in many ways, this is what the kennedy boys did. you’ve heard it all before – beholden to mob money, special interests, etc. once in power they broke the mould. and were gunned down one by one. in a clearly organised way.

and this is why john kerry may be a more noble man than we doubters think. and this is why in ten months you may be reading of the john kerry assassination.

john kerry is dead. long live john kerry. you read it here first.

doubters in the house, please view alan j. pakula’s the parallax view. i hope john kerry has hired the best security people in the world. since yesterday’s speech in new north side baptist church his life is in grave danger, both before and after the upcoming presidential election. and those who wonder whether i consider the current US administration capable of directly plotting and commissioning the assassination of an american political leader – the answer is yes. to mention a single incident, these are people who bombed a foreign capital in peacetime. that means the murder of men, women and children.

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