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john kerry and policy | hope and historical precedent

matthew yglesias came to a similar conclusion about kerry’s current policy pronouncements as i had in an earlier post. things probably aren’t as bad as they sometimes seem.

rhetoric isn’t totally unimportant since a candidate’s words on the campaign trail can narrow his options somewhat once in office, but they certainly don’t merit more attention than his record and that of his key policy advisors.

the centrists and the left who are shocked by some of kerry’s current positions should take heart. in modern times (current administration as the prime example), politicians no longer are obligated to their election campaigns.

let’s just hope that:

  • bush continues to lose voters as his major policies both domestic and foreign continue to be shown up as bankrupt as he is quickly making america
  • there is no major terrorist attack which will provide a pretext for the bush campaign to indefinitely postpone the election
  • the diebold machines are kept out of the election, making it a fair fight
  • kerry can make it to the polls alive

those who don’t want to vote or campaign for kerry should remember: it can’t get any worse. the reigning nepotism and loss of influence taking place is as bad as it gets. the current administration is setting historical precedents.

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