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Evening Sun | Hemispheres

Right now the days are getting longer around Vienna and Bratislava. Returning from a bike ride at seven in the evening, the sun is still high. We are threatened with sun until nine in the evening.

I love this time of year so much. I’m a late afternoon and evening kind of person so it’s so invigorating to have sunshine in one’s favored hours.

Everyone always talks about moving somewhere warm like Caribbean or the Southern Mediterranean. I think that’s a bit of a bore. As you get close to the equator, you are never faced with evening which begins at four in the afternoon as we are in winter in Middle and Northern Europe. But you also never have the ten o’clock evening sun.

The ideal solution is to live half the year in the northern hemisphere and the other half the year in the southern hemisphere.

Africa is not my kind of place and I am not Africa’s kind of guy. Although if South Africa were safe, it would be ideal: same time zone, not too distant. Australia is too far away. South America holds promise though. Some place like Argentina.

Nothing better than the evening sun.

The next two months are the happiest of the year.

Something to work towards. Living in perpetual summer.

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