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Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Fortunately I don’t have to live in Texas and get emails like this young woman:

It seems like every day I am inundated with email forwards, usually from church members, extolling the virtues of our nation’s leaders and the current war.

Dead Iraqi Civilians

The hypocrisy of it is not lost on her:

What really gets under my skin is that these emails are, nine times out of ten, from the holier-than-thou types who go to church six times a week and spend all of their spare time there as well. The type that won’t let their kids watch the Disney channel because it’s too violent. The type that scold adults for saying “shoot” or “darn” because it’s just a substitute for a “bad” word….They’re the ones that are always sending me these emails about how wonderful it is to bomb cities full of women and children because of a lie. They’re the ones talking about how wonderful the leaders telling us those lies are. And they’re the ones that are blindly supporting a candidate who openly advocates more of both.

Hopefully more Americans and more Christians are awaking to the catastrophic consequences for an entire people. It is incredible that this blatant land grab – frankly akin to the Third Reich’s bloody occupation of Poland – is taking place every day as we speak.

My post about Palestinians and Indians remains as valid today as it was then. One can now make the parallel to Iraqis and Indians, with Americans as themselves, a century later.

It’s a good thing that there is finally hope that the American military will be back in safe hands next year. But there’s a ways to go before Barrack Obama is elected.


  1. adnan sakli adnan sakli

    It pains me when anyone dies especially children, I hope the European Royals are happy of the shit they create. Bush is to stupid to do this on his own.

    An American

  2. Swiss trader Swiss trader

    In response to Adnan Sakli, it is so easy to criticize Adnan when yourself has deceived the people, to commit to you and then drop them, see also financially live in Germany and elsewhere on the backs of others. Only the perfect can be worn critical and you’re not perfect, far from it. Remember, Geneva, Paris, Barcelona, Austria …You are dangerous for all touch you.


    When a trader or traders do nothing that is leagal. They deserve what they get. If they followed legal process they would know that I own both platforms and that all the trades that are being done are with out authority and can criminalact implemented by the Masons, organised crime, and criminal governmental officials. So as a trader , how do you propose to pay back the money you have taken illegally.

    Adnan Sakli

  4. delfimo delfimo

    Just funny after years looking this post from Adnan the top and excellent liar on this planet, we meet you several time you have no funds, just meeting when people pay you hotel and lunch, you taken money from the DR in Germany now he is die, you did the same in France, Switzerland. Don’t teach anybody you are a danger and pathetic. Same when you meet bankers you were so arrogant that never closed a deal. We paid too much for you.

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