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YouTube Censorship

While working on some WordPress plugins, I found some unbelievable news about abuse of copyright over on YouTube. From the world’s biggest pirate, YouTube has become an unbearable censor of personal expression and free communication.

Chris Pederson’s private videos of motor racing were taken down – and he got some nasty legal notifications.

However, in the last year I have had three videos removed by YouTube for copyright infringement under the DMCA.


The three videos are all of outdoor sporting events filmed as a spectator: two of motor racing at Brands Hatch in England and one of the Red Bull Air Race over San Francisco. I have uploaded the three videos to Vimeo for reference, although I do not know how long they will last before being asked to be removed.

It’s hard to believe, but it looks like the corporate mass are getting ready to take the internet to slaughter. Finally person to people communication is possible and it will be shut down.

As individuals, we’ll have to fight back – putting videos up on our own servers - but it’s difficult as ISP’s are pretty much obliged to take anything down on first notice.


  1. JD JD

    And that’s only a beginning. Soon you will have also plenty of ads.

  2. Hi Alec!

    The blog is cool, don’t worry abou YouTube, they taken down my own videos as well.
    I don’t understand those people.
    Best wishes
    Steve Valyi

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