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not alone in my frustration

the worst thing about doing web development is one can never seem to leave the computer. some blame it on lousy websites with poor design and slow technology (try buying an airplane ticket online). but i think it’s more the plight of the cyberdamned. i.e. webdevelopers.

if you’re not working, you’re reading. if you’re not reading, you’re banking. i have started buying books again, just to have the occasion to read something that isn’t on the screen. the more we try to do online, the more entrapped we become.

Umberto eco shared some interesting thoughts about technology and reading recently with a cairo newspaper. it’s a long essay but engaging enough. mature thinkers are taking the web seriously at last.

Books belong to those kinds of instruments that, once invented, have not been further improved because they are already alright, such as the hammer, the knife, spoon or scissors.

my advice to those who can follow it (i can’t – i’m paid to do this) is minimise the technology in your lives. there’s nothing like the big screen, a live concert, travel down a river with your girl.

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  1. burbank burbank

    I was finally able to update my information. By that time, though, the transfer requests had expired with GoDaddy, so I had to restart those,

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