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Best pun/simile of the week: Nora Jonestown

Apparently all is not well in the world of Blue Note fans. The worst thing to happen to them were the Grammies that Norah Jones won. The triumph of Capitalism with a capital C. Her success caused controversy on the company forums. The forums were taken down, scattering and angering the fan base which had kept the company running for twenty years.

MediaPost Advertising & Media Directory: [Blue Note] seemed oblivious to the uproar they had caused their fan base, because quite honestly, these weren’t their fan base anymore. Their fan base were the people buying Norah Jones records. These other people were part of some other time and place. They were good for a couple of thousand in sales, but in their entire history didn’t buy as many albums as Norah Jones sold in a few short weeks.

And the passion, loyalty, and emotional investment these folks had made in this brand over their entire lives – it was expendable, inconsequential, and misplaced brand equity. Welcome to Norah Jonestown.

The whole article is worth a read for anyone interested in jazz or the business of music. Or even scalable web solutions.

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