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Military Strategy and Life

As we wind down to the end of 2005 and to the beginning of 2006, there is a lot to reflect on. What brought down the Third Reich were too many fronts open at the same time. Basically I am suffering from the same malaise which brought down the Third Reich.

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Modern Life and Email

Enough to slow one down and prevent the taking of vigorous exercise, but not enough to lay one down flat in bed. But in line with general technological fatigue, I stopped checking email for all of three days.

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Definition of Globalisation: world’s richest companies bilking governments of taxes due

Irish Times Article – Google saves millions in taxes thanks to its Irish operation: An effect of the arrangement is that Google Ireland, the operating company, made an after-tax profit of only €2.74 million on a turnover of €603 million…. Google Ireland paid Irish corporation tax of €1.6 million.Earlier this month the Wall Street Journal reported that an Irish subsidiary of Microsoft was helping it reduce its tax bill by at least $500 million annually.

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Pop Psychology

This place is not normally a home to pop psychology of any kind or any kind of motivational coaching. But I do have to say that the latest newsletter from Tom Venuto at Fitness Renaissance had some wonderful gems.

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The web’s best reference encyclopedia – Wikipedia

The fact that someone is a judge, for example, is a social fact — the authority that attaches to judgeship is attached by everyone agreeing that a certain person has the right to make certain statements — “Court is adjourned”, “I sentence you to 5 years in prison” — that have real force in the world. Those statements are not magic; their force comes from the social apparatus backing them up.Ebay has become trustworthy over time because the social fact of its trustworthiness grew with the number of successful transactions and with its ability to find and rectify bad actors.

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