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Catholic girls are the best

Here’s what Casanova has to say about Catholic girls back in 1768 during his sejour in Madrid.

Rien d’ailleurs n’est plus certain que ceci: une fille dévote ressent, quand elle fait avec son amant l’oeuvre de chair, cent fois plus de plaisir qu’une autre exempte du préjugé. Cette vérité est trop dans la nature pour que je croie nécessaire de la démontrer à mon lecteur. [III, p. 649]

Detailed translation:

There nothing more certain than this: when a religious girl yields to temptations of the flesh, she feels a hundred times more pleasure than one who doesn’t believe in God. This truth is so evident I hope it isn’t necessary to prove it to my readers.

Short translation. Catholic girls are the best. I always knew that.

Russian/Greek/Ukrainian Orthodox girls are pretty hot as well.

Protestants and even atheists are just not in the running.

Without belief in something and without sin, earthly temptations lose their sacred allure.

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  1. Magnus Rechberger Magnus Rechberger

    …Casanova recognized something that is still corresponding to the genuine truth…

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