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Category: Politics

Au cœur de la Dordogne anglaise

” la good life symbolisée par ces fruits et légumes en abondance, ces produits du terroir, ce restaurant qui sert du rosé et du monbazillac bien frais, le temps qui s’écoule lentement, le soleil. Tout cela dans le décor d’une superbe bastide du Moyen Age”

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Tim Berners-Lee on wealth and values

“Core in my upbringing was a value system that put monetary gain well in its place, behind things like doing what I really want to do. To use net worth as a criterion by which to judge people is to set our children’s sights on cash rather than on things that will actually make them happy.” Tim Berners-Lee

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now look where Israeli-style foreign policy leads

From Stratfor, who last week in their foreign policy brief were counselling the wisdom of the occupation of Saudi Arabia by the United States – taking total control of Middle East oil, come further suggestions for domestic policy. One expects these kinds of measures – racial profiling, check-points – in Israel. By following a similar foreign policy it looks like the United States will soon be obliged to follow Israeli domestic policy. All citizens are to travel with readiness kits, a smoke hood.

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Bush/Cheney ’04 Compassionate Rape Rooms…

Along with the illegality of the torture – the US did sign the Geneva convention ini 1994, even realpolitik speaks against torture. Surely the American media and people will get their act together to vote or push these war criminals (to be more specific – rapists and murderers and torturers) out of office.

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absence | dance film preview

in the meantime, i must tell and tell well my tale of urbanisation, alienation and civilisation.

A girl raised by rabbits. When she reaches the age of eighteen, the rabbits gather and tell her she must go to rejoin her people. And Anna-Lapin sets out bravely for the city. In the distance she can see the great white tower in its center and heads there in the hope of finding new companionship among humankind.

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