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Iraq: The unseen war – a photo report at Salon

At last somebody in the US media has had the courage to print a few photographs of the devastation that the United States military has wrought on Iraqi civilians. Quite unbelievable that gas prices are of more importance to them than the death of tens of thousands and untold devastation. Darkly amusing to hear them insist that they are good people in the face of images like this.

Dead Iraqi girl in makeshift morgue

This Iraqi girl happened to be at the wrong place when a US bomb exploded. Many more Iraq war images at Salon.

Collateral damage.

When I read 1984 in high school, it seemed a fantastic tale but certainly nothing that I would see in my own lifetime. Newspeak has arrived. It’s as if George Orwell was writing the manual for these monsters.

No real images of combat and devastation. Twisting the law to repress the rest of Abu Graib images. Anything to prevent people from seeing the real consequences of militaristic imperialism.

A few people are coming out of their media-induced coma (one must try living in America or working in their mass-media to fully understand how cosseted the masses are from anything even resembling truth/objectivity) and are shocked to see where they find themselves.

I thought I was “on top of things”, but I never knew the United States was using Depleted Uranium weapons. Why don’t we just call them dirty bombs, which is exactly what they are. Not only were soldiers affected, but children were, too. This is the culture of life

So far, this war makes it seem as though the United States:

  • Encourages torture
  • Disregards our own citizens’ Constitutional rights whenever it’s convenient
  • Likes to spread radioactive contamination
  • Cares more about oil than women’s rights
  • Will destroy anyone (and his CIA-agent wife) who comes out against the war
  • Doesn’t give a darn about the U.N.
  • Currently has the “W”orst President EVER

This is not the country I thought I lived in. I feel like I’ve been duped my whole life

Much of the rest of the world is only too aware of all of the above. So, no, the United States and its citizens just are not very popular anymore. Until more people wake up and force policy changes on their government, that situation is likely to persist.

Accurate reporting – including images – would be the first step to recovery.


  1. rick rick

    you look good

  2. rw rw

    If irag’s own people stood against the retarded leaders and the other goofy bastard’s killing there own people off right and left for there own enjoyment and fucked up ideas u.s. wouldn’t have to get involved

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