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latter day romans and rwandans | robot legions

the bush regime never fails to provide us with fresh surprises. after much ballyhoo concerning largely american mercenaries, bush and co. are looking to create foreign legions of darkies to do their dirty work for them. those bush advisors were evidently deadly serious about the benefits of outsourcing after all. perhaps after consultation with sharon last week, bush has decided that the only army in the world – IDF apart – worth having would be rwandan.

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antisemites & self-hating jews | persecution and gradual genocide | blood on the hands

I have a feeling that the article sharon’s eastern front | next exile of the jews | Q & A will have me tarred as an antisemite. This is not a fair charge. I have many Jewish friends and colleagues. I both have employed Jews and have been employed by Jews. Frankly, until today I was somewhat concerned with expressing my concerns as I had seen how lightly the ADL or the Canadian Jewish Congress bandy the label of anti-Semite. At this point those bastards can call me whatever they want, I will not stand by and applaud the persecution and gradual genocide and Palestinians and other Middle Eastern peoples, anymore than I would have stood by to applaud the genocidal persecution of the Third Reich against the Jewish, Slavic and Romany peoples during the Second Great War of this century.