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In Memoriam Markus Fischer | Donainsel, a place in the sun

Yesterday I learned that one of the guys I spent my summer with fell from a tower that he was climbing for sport and died from the fall. His name is Markus Fischer. Markus was an experienced climber, having climbed in Peru and Nepal in the past so he knew what he was doing. Just one of those strange accidents. Markus was just a few years older from me and a really easy going Austrian guy into enjoying life under the sun. Savouring life, the here and now, rather than pursuing materialist phantoms.

These pictures were taken beside our beloved Donauinsel, one of the most beautiful natural places near a big city in the world. We could just sit in the sun and swim all day.

Thanks for the companionship, Markus. We’ll miss you. Happiness in the next life.


Vienna - Donau Insel Sunset-1

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