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Exposing the Major Record Label Brigands: Janis Ian

What actually happens is no sales to us or the stores.)NARAS and RIAA are moaning about the little mom & pop stores being shoved out of business; no one worked harder to shove them out than our own industry, which greeted every new Tower or mega-music store with glee, and offered steep discounts to Target and WalMart et al for stocking CDs…. As an alternative to encrypting everything, and tying up money for years (potentially decades) fighting consumer suits demanding their first amendment rights be protected (which have always gone to the consumer, as witness the availability of blank and unencrypted VHS tapes and casettes), why not take a tip from book publishers and writers?

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Who attends Dance (in America at least): Expanding Dance Audiences

Chicago Tribune | The selling of dance:Who attends dance performances?The Chicago Community Trust, with help from Prince Charitable Trusts, funded research that focused on the local dance audience…. A look inside the demographics of “dance attenders,” or those who have attend-ed one or more professional dance performances in the last year.71% are female (29 percent male).56 years old, on average.77% are white (12 percent Latino, 7 percent Black).63% are urban dwellers (37 percent live in suburbs).59% took dance classes growing up.60% do artistic or creative activities themselves.The number in there which really surprised me is that sixty per cent of those who attend dance, practiced at one point or another.

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Best pun/simile of the week: Nora Jonestown

Apparently all is not well in the world of Blue Note fans. The worst thing to happen to them were the Grammies that Norah Jones won. The triumph of Capitalism with a capital C. Her success caused controversy on the company forums. The forums were taken down, scattering and angering the fan base which had kept the company running for twenty years.

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staatsoper | kylian ballet program with anna and astrid

on my second to last night in vienna, i went out to the staatsoper with anna and astrid. i can’t imagine better company for an evening at the ballet in vienna. anna is a former dancer and knows the history of the company and many of the dancers. astrid is terribly up to date on modern language german speaking theatre. my contribution would be a wide knowledge of classical ballet companies.we had some time to wait and sat together in the quite lovely cafĂ© at ground level. while we were there an older lady came and sat with us. i…