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Austrian GoaTrance Photos: Cosmic Party WUK 27-1-2007

Great party on an icy Saturday night in Vienna.

Goatrance-Girl-Austria Mg 1546
Great dancing from this group of friends
this is what I love about goa
the music, the light and the joy
flowing through one’s whole body.
Perfect moment.

Beautiful people. Nice atmosphere. Full, but not too crowded. Nothing worse than a goatrance party where there is no space to dance.

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Christa Ludwig – Personal Recollections of Maria Callas

In the Eroica Hall of the Austrian Theater Museum in the Lobkowitz Palace, I was both a fortunate participant and observer of a wonderful talk given by Christa Ludwig, a former opera star about her time in the limelight together with Maria Callus.

Christa Ludwig in the Austrian Theater Museum

Buying Music Online: America and Europe

On a sidenote, I am certainly glad that I bought the CD’s at the concert as from both the Viktoria Tolstoy website and the ACT music website for her albums My Swedish Heart and , there are no direct links to buy either of her CD’s…. I criticise the Americans for their crass commercialism, but a discreet buy here link would be just fine.

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Two Concerts – ZeeBee and Viktoria Tolstoy:
Female Vocalists in Jazz, Alternative and Country

Many of the DJ’s seem to play whatever is ghetto and cool in the United States (not the mainstream charts, but underground ones) without thinking much if they like it or not, if the music is any good or not, or whether the music means a damn thing to someone sitting in beautiful Vienna…. Zeebee played us a short set from priorities in the Rot Bar (in Volkstheater right next to Museumsquartier just outside the first district – great location).

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Music in Vienna

Of all the arts, dance and poetry are my true passions…. The dance this season has been deeply disappointing since the fabulous Jan Fabre-blessed season at Tanzquartier a couple of years ago. The dance which is being commissioned and presented is conceptual.

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