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Austrian GoaTrance Photos: Cosmic Party WUK 27-1-2007

Great party on an icy Saturday night in Vienna.

Goatrance-Girl-Austria Mg 1546
Great dancing from this group of friends
this is what I love about goa
the music, the light and the joy
flowing through one’s whole body.
Perfect moment.

Beautiful people. Nice atmosphere. Full, but not too crowded. Nothing worse than a goatrance party where there is no space to dance.

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Christa Ludwig – Personal Recollections of Maria Callas

In the Eroica Hall of the Austrian Theater Museum in the Lobkowitz Palace, I was both a fortunate participant and observer of a wonderful talk given by Christa Ludwig, a former opera star about her time in the limelight together with Maria Callus.

Christa Ludwig in the Austrian Theater Museum

Buying Music Online: America and Europe

On a sidenote, I am certainly glad that I bought the CD’s at the concert as from both the Viktoria Tolstoy website and the ACT music website for her albums My Swedish Heart and , there are no direct links to buy either of her CD’s…. I criticise the Americans for their crass commercialism, but a discreet buy here link would be just fine.

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Music in Vienna

Of all the arts, dance and poetry are my true passions…. The dance this season has been deeply disappointing since the fabulous Jan Fabre-blessed season at Tanzquartier a couple of years ago. The dance which is being commissioned and presented is conceptual.

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